It is only the collective 'WE' who goes everywhere. It is 'WE' who is present at all places. There is no place which is devoid of WE. The use of the words 'we' and T is subjective in our normal dealings with people or in behaving with others. This use of we and 'I' is limited to our body, house, town, city, state or country. However, these words have not been used here in this sense.

The word 'WE' is used as omnipresent. The meaning of the word 'WE' here is Supreme power and that is present everywhere. It is within our bodies as well as in that "WE"; it is the Creator as well as the Destroyer of everything. It is 'WE', who watches all of us and bestows upon us energy. Even if we happen to go to the 'Swarg Loka' there too we are to see and find ourselves as 'WE' only. Whatever we will see there, will be seen by our mind or by our intellect. The word 'WE' is present in 'Swarg Loka' as well as in our body. Thus, we have the knowledge by which we can explore this secret further. Whatever appears to us without 'WE' is an illusion. This illusion too is existing owing to 'WE'.

The word 'WE' consists of everything. It is a universal truth that we ourselves are omnipresent. Although, to understand and to realize this fact is not so easy, the Indian scriptures have proved it more than five thousand years ago. We, in that form are very powerful. Nothing can happen without us, as we are everywhere in the shape of Eternal Force. Whosoever meets us or with whom we converse speak, sit, he/she is not dissimilar in terms of Eternal Force. He or she is what we are in essence. He/she can never be separate from us in any way as the Eternal Force.

He/she may be different outwardly in colour, caste or creed.

He/she may be looking abnormal in actions and behaviour. However, there is absolutely no difference in the Eternal Force which dwells within all of us. We will have to grasp the meaning of the above. While meditating, we are present there. We are also watching the mode of meditation. We cannot overlook our existence in meditation.

Not only in meditation, 'We' is present in all activities. All the jobs being done either by the 'Gyan Indrian' instruments of our knowledge or by 'Karma Indrian' the instruments of our conduct are being watched by 'We'. Our bodies take food, while 'We' remain aloof and watch on-going activity of the part of the body while taking food. Thus 'We' is present in all our functions - may be the functions of our body or of subtle mind or intellect. However, trouble begins with the self-created problems of our own. All these problems originate out of our unbalanced intellect. We should focus our attention to the following facts:

1.                 The moment we forget the Eternal Force, our mind and intellect take full control of our speed of our Kalpana (thoughts). We do not remember the fact that this Kalpana is our own creation. This is the total forgetfulness state of our intellect.

2.                 We should memorise that it is only the Eternal Force, which we are failing to understand.

3.                 That owing to worldly allurements and outward illusion (Maya) we forget Eternal Force. We would be very fortunate if we do not forget it. Thus, by remembering the Eternal Force all the time, our half job of experiencing the truth is achieved.

We are to understand the everlasting Eternal Force repeatedly and should try to bring this feeling in our day-to-day activities. By continuously doing so, we start going nearer the above goal. We will feel a lot of improvement in our actions and will feel more satisfied. We will not forget the feeling of the Eternal Force even in our tough times. We will also be able to differentiate and recognise its breakdown point, whenever it happens so. Our awareness of the Eternal Force, continuous self-analysis and search will unfold the whole artificial and self-created outward show of our intellect.

Let us know more about the real meaning of 'WE'. There is neither any second nor third person. There is only one/first person in all the living and non-living creatures of the Universe and that is 'WE'. We are present in all the three stages of day-to-day life i.e. wakefulness, dreaming state of mind and the sound sleep. Let us put three questions to ourselves:

1.     Who is awake?

2.     Who dreams?

3.     Who enjoys a sound sleep?

The answer to all the three questions is 'We'. Similarly, if we ask, who is in our hands, feet, eyes, ears and in the remaining parts of our body, we will not deny the fact and will agree that it is I/ We who is present everywhere.

By paying rapt attention and watching it in accordance with the truth, i.e. Eternal force, we will find that there is no place in our body where we are not present. In case, we understand deeply and completely as to how are we present in all parts of our body, the entire discussion is complete.

The moment our doubtful state of Mind is over, we see our Real-Self, spread-over all around. We may recollect that different forms of objects and individuals, whom we consider as the source of our attractions, are our own creations. We are the whole world and the whole world is our own. If we understand the concept fully and always stick to it, then there remains no scope for jealousy and hatred. Who is our enemy and who is our friend? The feeling of foe and friend, good and bad is a creation of our own intellect. The most important point to keep in mind is that only an unstable intellect trembles. Our forgetful state of Eternal Force is the reason of our problems. Our intelligence, although very powerful, has its own limitations. It forgets the Real Self and the problem starts.

Our intellect works under the control of Eternal Force. However, this fact does not come to the forefront of our usual and unusual way of living. Thus, the result is that intellect (Buddhi) under illusion, does not remember its creator. It is at this very juncture, that the impulses, good, bad, love and hatred and innumerable other illusions take the control of intellect in their grip. They weaken its thoughtfulness further. The intellect and mind thus become subordinate to illusions.

His Holiness Swamiji has shown in brief, the way as how the concept of 'WE', given to the world by Lord Krishna through Gita, can be adopted. We can achieve very good results in a very short time, if the above path is followed practically.

In all circumstances, we have to remain watchful in maintaining and practising of 'WE' feeling in every article and individual at all places. We should be very particular and be always ready to adopt the above formula and stop worrying about tough times, doubts, fears, misfortunes etc.

The impulse of oneness is within all of us. All of us have the feeling of unitedness in our hearts. This feeling is not an artificial one. It is universal and is available to all of us as a natural instinct. What and how we feel outside is the reflection of what we possess inside our Mind. The impulse of having unity with the universe is within us and can only be awakened with the grace of a perfect Master.

When awakened, it destroys the countless layers of ignorance, which have been accumulated by our mind since a long time or ages.

The seeds of a plant can grow only if the farmer sows them or if they are themselves within the soil. Otherwise they cannot grow. Can the leaves appear on the branches after the autumn, if they are not within the tree, may be, in any other form? They are there but not visible to our eyes. Similarly, the feeling of unitedness is very much within us.

The problem with us is that we are not understanding our "within" because of our ignorance and self-admitted limitations of our intellect. These limitations and self-supposed ignorance is nothing but a farce, an illusion, as appearance of a snake out of a rope in darkness. With the help of the light, the illusion of the snake in the rope is no more and we are able to see the rope distinctly. Similarly, we can remove obstacles of ignorance of our mind through knowledge. While doing so, the impulse of 'WE' feeling will slowly be illumined and it will become omnipresent.

Ques. Swamiji, our state of mind is always changing. Sometimes, we feel ourselves comfortable and happy and after a few seconds, if somebody hurts our feelings, we are uncomfortable. Does our Real Self too feel, all this?

Ans.:- This feeling of pleasure and displeasure, a sense of wickedness, afflictions, hurting etc are the natural ways of working of mind through which it faces results of the sanskaras accumulated during our previous and present births. These sanskaras starts playing in our mind through the three gunas like Satav, Rajas and Tamas. This goes on from morning till the mind falls asleep. The moment the intellect enters the state of sound sleep, the unreal self i.e. our mind disappears.

But here is a very important question. We have to think over and understand the answer to this question. The question is, does the function or the nature of the individual or of the objects, which are responsible for our affliction or for our pleasures also finish at the moment, when the intellect goes to sound sleep? Do the good or bad forces, which are favourable or unfavourable become standstill at that time?

No. All the forces, irrespective of their good or bad nature, remain at work. They do not change their course of action in sound sleep. Now the second question arises, why our mind is not influenced by these pleasures and pains while in sound sleep? It is a fact that the same forces are on their job during the period of sound sleep of mind too but they do not affect the mind at all.

Why do the pains, worries and fear, torture mind after its awakening from sound sleep? The answer to this question is that happiness, pains, worries, wickedness and afflictions cannot enter sound sleep. Mind goes beyond their reach. In sound sleep, mind does not exist. It loses its identity in sound sleep and that is why the next morning we feel fresh and buoyant and get a new lease of life.

All of us are aware that it is the sound sleep, which gives us energy for living. The pleasure we get from the sound sleep surpasses worldly pleasures. The sound sleep is, thus, more powerful, more subtle and a more comforts state than the mind itself. In such a state, we are at peace bodily as well as mentally. After the awakening of the mind, the same vicious circle of pains and sorrows starts.

We can thus conclude that it is our mind and nothing else who is the creator of worldly pleasures and pains. The question arises why does the mind start this job? The answer is that it is natural. The weakness of mind due to ignorance and outer attractions are the cause of its imbalance. Under these circumstances, the mind forgets its Eternal Force.

Ques. Swamiji, some people try to impress others through hypnotism and try to show that they are more powerful, resourceful etc. Why is it so?

Ans.:- Who does not practise hypnotism? All people in the world do so, in one way or the other. But, as has just been told, 'WE' is also present ('WE' feeling) in those people who think or do such things. There is nothing, than us. We are always everywhere. In case, we are able to develop this concept, we become successful in awakening the 'WE'-feeling around us. Hypnotism of others is also neutralised within no time, automatically. No special efforts are required for this.

All people in the world possess the will to impress others. When we try to apply the motive of our desire, on others, it becomes personal which is very harmful. We can also avoid this by following the truth of 'WE' feeling.

Remember, we have a state of Consciousness, right now within us and that is very powerful indeed! It is in a very subtle form. 'WE' are to concentrate upon this. Take care of it, as a farmer takes care of the seed and land and arranges fertilizer, water etc. Cultivate the 'WE'-feeling in our hearts. We are to carry on this practice consistently. We should try to stop our efforts to impress others. Our objective should be to remain in our state of Consciousness, which is very much within us and in all people of the world. We need to understand and explore the same.

Ques. Swamiji, should we repeat 'Ram Ram'?

Ans.:- Repeat anything you like. Do not stop it. Do not forget Him. We should always be aware of 'WE'-feeling. The Eternal Force is all around. We should always stick to the practice of our Real-Self with determination and unwavering faith in all circumstances. We can concentrate on or repeat any name we may like. However, we should meditate on it with unflinching devotion by practising 'WE'-feeling. Even if we are successful to stabilize our mind by relying upon the name of even, a stone, we will surely be with Him. Our duty is to always remember Him and do our normal duties in a routine manner. That is all.