Universal Language & Beyond

God is Omnipresent. His Omnipresence is not through any other medium. Had it been so, He would have been subordinate to that medium. It is not under the control of any particular force, word or any language.

There is only one universal language. 'Shabdam gunan Akasham'. Shabad is one of the attributes of the Akaash. Shabad is Brahm. Word/Sound is Brahm. The language consists in itself only with the words and the sounds. Since Brahm is universal, so, the same is true about the word and the sound. But, our objective should not be to rise to the level of shad or sound only. We are to do a lot more. Our ultimate motive is not only to be allured by sound. We are not to stop here. Although it is very fascinating, only he understands who has the ability to pay rapt attention.

If we, somehow, or the other, are in a position to awaken our Inner self, only then can we hear. Subtle and stable mind is the pre-requisite for understanding the above process. As the farmer prepares the ground properly before sowing the seed, in the same way, we should do proper spadework at the grassroots level, to make the intellect stable and free from impurities. After this, precaution is still to be taken. The next stage begins automatically and requires no special effort.

Universal language is the foundation of all languages. It is the language of Omni-presence. The universal language knows and understands all languages. The same Brahm is spread over in the entire world which is omnipresent in the space before us. There is nothing else and not any other duality in it. It is obvious that the same shabad, sound or language is present everywhere and is universal too. The universal language has no duality. Duality is our own creation along with our illusory ways of thought. It never exists otherwise.

It is guaranteed that whosoever is capable of understanding the Universal Language, will certainly achieve God. Why? Because this universal language knows and understands all other languages of the universe. Not only this, such a person is also able to understand three different stages of all individuals i.e. the stage of awakening, the stage of dream and the stage of sound sleep. Let us understand from the following:

How does the man, knowing the Universal Language understands the three different stages of the other persons. :

1) A man who is physically awakening has no knowledge about the experience of the state of mind of the other man who is in dream or is in sound sleep, although both are at the same place. But the man who knows and understands the technique of universal language is in a position to know the experience and feelings of the man who is in a state of dream or is in sound sleep.

2) Similarly, a person who is dreaming can not have the knowledge of the experiences of the man who is awake and the one who is in sound sleep.

3) In the same way, the person who is in sound sleep cannot have any knowledge of the experience of the state of the man who is awake and about the man who is in the state of dreams.

How can an awakened person enjoy and learn about the things going on at that stage? Swamiji says that every stage has its own limits and its own secrets. One can only have the knowledge of that very place or stage at which one has arrived. Every one of us has our own area of operation in this universe and the fact is that this stop over is only for that stage. He has no access to other stages. But a man knowing the universal language has no such barriers.

One who is blessed with the inner divine vision to grasp and to distinguish between the different stages explained above, does not get affected either by praises or abuses and blames of others. Once the differentiation between the universal language and duality is comprehended, followed and brought in practice with interest and care, the self-created ego is sure to be replaced by patience and tolerance. The sense of retaliation is banished automatically. Forgetfulness of revenge and its forgiveness appear in the forefront along with repentance & love. Sooner or later, it becomes helpful in altering the attitude of the opponent.

There are four different categories of language.

1) PRA




The people of the whole world know only one language. That is called 'Bakhri'. It is at the lowest of all. All the languages of our daily use, may it be of any country or community fall in this category.

What we do after acknowledging the 'Bakhri' language, we put our own stickers of various symbols and titles on the omnipresent knowledge of universal language. All nations try their best to prove themselves intelligent, powerful, learned and religious by using their so-called symbols and titles. Every nation makes its own patent brand. We frame our own barriers in Bakhri Language. The same is our attitude at our individual level.

Unless we give up this hollow-egoism, we can not have contentment. We will go on roaming about without any direction. We should stop forthwith taking possession of those objects, which belong to others. By acquiring these material goods of others, we may become rich, famous, kings, may be god 'Indra' by acquiring Siddhis etc., but all this will be a limited and transitory phase of development. We may advance materially but this is not our real aim. There will not be any full stop to this advancement and we will not be satisfied.

Till we become unlimited, peace in reality will never be attained. All of a sudden, we fall in the trap of limitations. The moment the feeling of duality affects us, we are cut into small parts. We do intervene in the smooth working-style of the Natural Force. It is our useless interference which puts us in bondage.

There is a question which needs to be answered. Why are we putting our best efforts to make our mind narrow and small? Do we ever do any thing for broadening our hearts, and our perception? No, we are not doing anything. It has been proved beyond doubt that we waste a lot of our precious time and energy to sow the seeds of jealousy and hatred. Instead, we can love all by simply behaving courteously and sweetly. It is also a service to the humanity.

Usually, discontentment is the root-cause of all the bickering. The simple quick solution to the conflict is to give up the egoistic attitude. Let the natural flow of the incidents take place. Let us not involve ourselves and our pride in it. Let us pledge not to write address on the various actions we do during the day. We should have no attachment to the reward of the actions. All actions should be surrendered to Nature. Our expectations are the real cause of our afflictions. It is our undue expectations which reduce our joy.

This, in fact, is true in all walks of our life.

When we do not adhere to the natural course of action being taking place, our whole life becomes stagnant. We become slaves to our expectations. We are deprived of the real bliss and the fundamental objective of our life is not achieved. Our aim is to broaden our vision and to enlarge ourselves. We are beyond limits. Recognize and practise this truth. We are the whole universe and the whole universe is ours.

Our abode of peace and ultimate aim is to emancipate ourselves from age-old bondage. Our objective is to restore unending bliss (Akhand Ananda). There is no dearth of it and it is in plenty but the pride and attachment to the reward of the works (Karmas) makes our mind unstable resulting in the blockage of the right way to the awakening. Thus, the Akhand-Ananda, which is available in abundance, takes the shape of fragments of Akhand-Ananda. The lust for deriving temporary pleasures from various objects and individuals limits us and binds our viewpoints to our own mental pigeonholes. This is how we are deprived of our real objective of attaining Akhand Ananda.

In case we want to make good use of this rare and crucial opportunity of Manush-Janama, we will have to discard our self-made egoistic attitude, pride and possessiveness of the actions. Actions take place spontaneously, but we do not understand. We go on proclaiming that we are the only doers of all actions.

By practising and continuously following the above path of knowledge, we can easily escape ourselves from the results of even those actions, having been done erroneously in which we were otherwise not interested. This is the only way to emancipate ourselves. Our life time is passing at a very fast speed. It does not stop even for a second. But even then, there is a chance and sufficient scope for us to achieve this very objective. The essential formula for the above objective is to follow the principle of practice in our practical life.

The second stage of the language is a 'Madhiam'. The person having achieved this is able to know and understand the different languages of the world. He is not limited to the ordinary language of 'Bakhri'. Madhiam is an upper stage. Bakhri language is subordinate to Madhiam language. Similarly, 'Pashanti' stage is beyond 'Madhiam' and is more powerful and subtle than both 'Bakhri' & 'Madhiam'.

A man who knows and understands the technique of 'Pashanti' language can understand the 'Bakhri' & 'Madhiam' language without any difficulty. Similarly, 'Pra' language is even more subtle and more powerful than 'Pashanti'. All other languages are under the control of 'Pra'. It is supreme to all. It is in fact 'Pra' which is a Universal language. But this is not everything. The foundation of Universal language is a Force which is eternal and omnipresent.