There are two fundamental schools of thought having two different concepts. One craves for accumulation, lust for life and material progress. This seems to be the root cause of all sorts of ill-will and warfare all around. The second school of thought is quite opposite. It stands for complete renunciation, forever full of contentment and living a life of abundance, free from cares.

But, Swamiji says that none of the two principles is everlasting. Everything is in continuous change. Even the rotation of the earth does not stop for a moment; otherwise there will be destruction all around.

What is the cause of our worries and afflictions? The answer is that we wish to keep everything (may it be our body, mind, friendship, kinship, love etc.) stable. But it does not remain so. Everything is ever changing. But still it is surprising that we are unable to visualise the change. It is because the speed of the change is so fast that it is beyond the capacity of our eyes to see it. It is surprising that even then, we are advocating of watching the same. Then, what is this? This is nothing, but a sheer ignorance. We usually ignore what we fail to understand. It is a very common practice witnessed in our daily lives.

Although we shall be discussing it in detail in the next chapters, it has become clear that in case, we are able to develop our divine inner- sight, we will see and feel that one thing is unchangeable and is always ever the same everywhere, in all creeds, creatures and individuals. That reality is more tiny, subtler than the electron, neutron and proton. In fact, it is Chetanaya Shakti. But we do not understand and injudiciously, take it for granted that we see stable and stationary objects, human-beings, animals, grass etc. Actually, whatever we see is all in motion and under change. What is the speed of this motion? We cannot calculate correctly, yet its speed is faster than the speed of the light of the Sun which travels at the rate of 1.85 lac kilometres per second and takes 7 1/2 minutes to reach the earth.

Q: Swamiji, please tell us the way of practice to become stable & subtle?

Ans: As already told, think about your body. Is the structure of your body same as it was in your childhood? 'No', it has been changing continuously. But remember that there is one thing special which is changeless. The five elements cannot influence it. It is eternal and absolute. We have not understood it so far.

Concentrating on Chetanya Shakti, realising the same in every man and material, in all our circumstances, favourable or unfavourable, we are not to allow a break-down point in this practice. Try to make a distinction there and then in case of any break. After engaging ourselves regularly for a long time, we will start experiencing that our mind sometimes loses its solid state or external observations and starts going deeper inside. This may not happen equally with all. Time-span for this realization may be different from man to man. Some of us may be very lucky in realizing this bliss in no time. This is due to their good Karmas (sanskaras) of the present or the past births.

After such a practice, the mind becomes delicate, light and more adaptable for spiritual bliss. But at the same time this stage, has a few hindrances in pushing out wishful and impure thoughts, which do off & on appear in it. Their appearance does produce a screen of darkness, but does not last long. It requires extra alertness.

This is all, about this show. But, be mindful, it is really an uphill task to understand the complexities and the tiniest layers of this process. Even great intellectuals, who think themselves great in intelligence, may be taken in, by illusion and may not pursue truth. But still, all people, irrespective of their levels of understanding, can easily learn the techniques to attain this truth. In this pursuit, there is no distinction between a King and an ordinary person.

Broadly speaking, whenever we cast a glance at an individual or an object, we receive outer impressions only. We generally see an individual externally. We do observe a person from face and body alone. But, we are unable to read his/her mind and his/her intellect. This does not mean that the mind or intellect were not there at the time we met the person. All that was there, but our own mind being in a state of unstable nature, could not fully enter the mind of the man/woman we met.

Similarly, the five elements with their five attributes remain present in our bodies. But we cannot see them. That does not mean that they do not exist. To glance at them, we need to make our intellect sharp and profound. Only then, we will be able to see and differentiate. This is the way to self-realisation.

Similarly, Eternal Force or the consciousness is omnipresent in all objects and individuals. But our intellect being unstable is not competent to recognise it. It will only be in a position to understand and judge after attaining stability through practice with devotion.

How did our body acquire the present formation? It reached this stage after undergoing changes at every second and these are still going on. Had there been no change, our body would never have acquired the present formation. Was our childhood, youth and old age possible without sex energy? When one took birth one was in good health, with body in perfect working order. It has always been working. In case, it stops working, people dispose of the body immediately by uttering departing words that the body was a myth and the God's name is the only truth.

The only way to learn this process is practice. We should go on practising, with one feeling in our heart that with whom we are watching, doing, eating, drinking, sitting, and standing? Only with one Eternal Force. That is the only base. All other things are changing at a very high velocity. He is changeless, formless, invisible, but still omnipresent.

We should certainly feel this too, that we are in direct contact with the Eternal Force. He provides energy to all. We are very fortunate having direct link with him. Unluckily, we are missing the chance in understanding this fact due to our own ignorance. We have wrongly conceived that we are in touch with something else while thinking, doing job, talking to people, sitting and standing. It is absolutely misconceived, wrong and a biased opinion. Shankracharya says that we should never forget Him. We are always in constant touch with Him. He may be in any form.

We are to search our body. To understand, we will have to look into it. Do we know that even the 'word' has its body? It has its own picture. That is why, we follow and understand it. Even our ideas, thinking and our conceptions - all have their 'subtle bodies'. These are the secrets which can be understood by a long practice.

The question arises how does our body look stable? We have already seen that our body is always under change. Since the base of our body is eternal and stable, so it appears to be stable, but as a matter of fact, it is not true. Everything is in continuous motion.

Let us clarify this point more elaborately with the example of a magnet and an iron nail. An iron nail is attracted by the magnet but, we only see the commotion in the iron nail. The power of the magnetism is not visible to us. And we (if not familiar with the property of the magnet) will presume that it is only the iron nail which is moving and we will rather say that there is no commotion in the piece of magnet. In the same way, for want of micro-level contemplation, feeling and its practice, we are not ready to admit and believe that all our actions take place on account of Eternal Force. As the iron nail is being attracted by the force of the magnet only, which is invisible, similarly, all actions and reactions take place owing to the Force, emanating from the Eternal Force, which cannot be visualised by our bodily eyes.

Eternal Force is stable and calm like magnet although all our activities are off -shoots of the same. But similar to the commotion in the iron nail, all actions of the body and the mind appear to be theirs. Not only they appear, our mind, out of ignorance, confirms it. The mind, being in illusion, erroneously thinks that all is taking place due to its planning only. This is the greatest myth. This myth has such a huge and dark cover on the mind that poor mind is never peaceful. It is so because of the heavy load of illusions.

See, there is force and force all around. The force is only one everywhere. The same force is working in our body too. What is our body then? It is all force. This applies to the whole world. There is no part of the earth or the world where this force is absent. It is a very strange show. But still, we are all blind. Because, despite the omnipresence of the Force, we do not even try to open our Divine sight. But there are some pious souls who practise and keep their efforts on, for understanding the above fact.

Until we learn, watching the things similar to that what has been said above, the understanding is not possible. We shall have to start perceiving Him as per His Identity. For this, there is only one way, and that is practice. We are to practise to awake our Real Self, which resides within us. And there is one more important thing, that all ways and means to enlighten our inner-self are accurate, provided they are used in the right direction, having no selfish interest of our own. The outcome of all methods of meditation is the same.

Q. What name should we rely upon? Which is the shortest method for enlightenment?

Ans.: Any name which suits you can be relied upon. All names are equally good. All names are imaginary. The name is just like an apparatus. Contemplate and see the Eternal Force everywhere. We are focusing our attention on the omnipresent but we do not try to differentiate. We do not remember its application. If we apply this concept to our body and do the experiment continuously, our body will be out of our sight. By contemplation, by understanding, the body, mind and its senses, will slowly be dissolved into Force.

The question may arise how it is to be possible? How can we replace the feelings of sex senses of man/woman with the feeling of Force? We may not misconceive the idea behind it. Then, the idea to understand is, that there too exists the same Force in sex organs. Whenever the mind thinks about sex, it is only the force and nothing else. Everything else is a Kalpana (Imagination). Nothing is good and nothing is bad in the Force. The weakness of viewing the sex organs or regarding the feeling of sex, a handicap (as many of us believe) in meditation can easily be removed.

Not only this, you can try this formula anywhere and in any tough moment of your life. Our mind will automatically be filled with rest, peace and freshness by perceiving and practising Force in everything. In this state of equilibrium, we will find better results and more satisfaction in our day-to-day routine. But, our motive should be intensely pure and always above our self-interest. There should be no longing, whatsoever.

All the names of God exist in your heart. For instance, when we speak about America and talk about the Sun we do understand about America and about the Sun at once. That means that both of the entities have been within us, otherwise this could not be understood. Not only this, the entire cosmos is possessed by everybody. Same is true about God. No object of the world, beautiful or absurd, is beyond us. The word or the language awakens only that particular portion of our inner self which comes under its purview. Thus, everything else remains unchannelised and stable in the minds of people.

Q.: Does the nature of a person undergo some changes after having the physical glimpse of a holy man?

Ans.: It does happen so. Suppose we are in the company of a man of rash temperament. It will surely put a bad effect on us. Similarly, the feeling of greediness of a greedy person with whom we come in contact also affects us. If we meet a learned man, his knowledge will too have its bearing on us. It is but natural.

Ans.: If the mind gives up the body it will not exist and will be dead. Wherever the mind goes, body too goes with it. If the mind goes to America your body is also present there. Your body is omnipresent.

In Yoga, there is a Siddhi named Prakamaya. This Siddhi (competence) has its 8 more sub-siddhis. The characteristics of the 4th Siddhi out of these 8 sub-siddhis is that the same body (one can show his body) in different places at a time. Now the question arises how is it possible? It is really a very ticklish question. The answer is to be contemplated with care, but it is possible.

We have already proved that our body is omnipresent in the form of Eternal Force, and not as a body, composed of five elements. We are to be stable and firm with this truth. We are to remember it at all moments, practise it, contemplate and experiment with it through regular meditation. The stage will come when we are fully aware after piercing through all illusions. The curtain and the thickness of the layer of the ignorance between Him and us will be torn and removed. This may happen at any time. Through this Siddhi, we will be in a position to see whatever we like. This is just like the technology of Science.

What is going on around us, we see through Television? We are playing in India and watching it in America. One body is spread over everywhere. Everybody is like that. America is within us and we are in America. There is nothing in between, but a small curtain. This curtain can be abolished through Yoga Siddhi.

To remove the curtain, we should start practice. Such a Siddhi could not be acquired only by reading scriptures. Most of the people are doing so these days. They are reading scriptures inattentively and do not understand the meaning. We do not practise. That is the reason we do not acquire the desired results. We remain clinging, to that very limit only, to which we used to be long ago.

Q: Swamiji, how can we get out of the vicious circle of births and deaths? Will we ever be out or always remain in it?

Ans.: Nobody is interested in remaining in the cycle of birth and death. All our actions, since morning till evening, are directed towards freedom. After getting up in the morning, we go to a toilet and ease ourselves. We take breakfast or meals and get freedom from hunger. Although, this piece-meal freedom from hunger, thirst, desire for love or sex is short-lived as we have a number of desires, still we get a feeling of short-lived freedom.

But we do not observe these minor sequences of incidence and our motivation attentively. We do not contemplate. In fact, our mind does not like to keep any impulse it receives from outside. It likes temptations. The moment it appears, we immediately start all-out-efforts to remove the same. But somehow, or the other, we fail to give due weightage to the means to satisfy our alluring temptations. We lose our objective of emancipating ourselves from the cycle of births and deaths.

Q.: Swamiji, is it true that at the time of last breathing if a man happens to remember God, can he be out of the cycle of births and deaths?

Ans: Until you start His search just from this very moment, it is not possible to remember Him at the last breath. We should pay our full attention to what we are doing now. We should try to understand it carefully. After contemplation, we will ourselves conclude that our priority is somehow or the other, to come out of that very cycle. We are trying to be out of the bonds of nature, though apparently not visible, but they do exist. For instance, all our efforts are, to have free mind, to be calm, to be stable and peaceful. If such a stage of thoughtfulness and self-realization becomes our routine and we are successful in retaining this very practice, in our day-to-day life, only then, we can be free from the clutches of the cycle of births and deaths.