Distinguishing - Body, Mind & Conscience

To understand various paths to be with God, purity of intelligence is the foundation. The stability and tranquillity which are the two pillars of success solely depend upon the extent of the identification and purification of intelligence. In the Shastras- Holy books, different ways are explained to attain God. We may adopt any one of those ways but all these methods are to be practised through intelligence. Once the method is understood completely, it becomes easy to adhere it.

Our physical body is just like a home. In this home there exists an other subtle body called as mind and intelligence. In fact mind or intelligence has no relationship with this gross body. As, this is not easy to understand, so body, mind and intellect do appear to be intermingled. But this illusion is totally misleading.

They are, in fact, separate from one another. Here, we can quote the example of an almond. The outer solid layer of the almond is a protecting home in itself. The inner home is the place of the seed of the almond and that is the outer thin layer of the seed. As outer & inner portions of the almond are quite different, though looking as one, in the same way, our body, mind and intellect are different and separate from one another and are not mixed as they appear.

Our material home is a place for the gross body. In this place, there is another home of Mind and Intelligence. Through senses the mind does a lot of work. The senses play the part of a medium for doing different jobs for the gross body. Intelligence operates itself through Mind, Senses and Body.

Intelligence is a mode in itself. It has a different structure and has different functions than those of senses, mind and body. The intelligence always keeps itself isolated. But all the same, it controls the body, senses and the mind. It also approves and regulates each and every function, including the pains and pleasures of the mind and body. After having understood that the body, the mind and the intelligence are different from one another, the attachment with them goes down. When feeling of this separation is practised in our usual routine, the relationship of the senses, mind & Intelligence with the material body becomes clear. On confirmation of this concept, the mind, the senses and the intelligence slowly starts dissolving in a natural way in our all routine functions. They surrender to the Force from where they get the energy.

Let us ponder for a while. In contemplation, in a state of recollection or in memorising something, our Intelligence always remains isolated from our gross body, senses & mind. Impulses received from mind are constantly refined after proper thoughtfulness and are approved before an action takes place. After such a long term constant exercise of intelligence, it gets awakened and discards link with the material objects, individuals and bodies. At such a stage, attachment with the body ceases and there is nothing else but intelligence.

An omnipresent force is working in intelligence. Broadly speaking, it too needs a house to live & a place to operate. Thus, it is intelligence where this force is seated. We say so, only to understand, otherwise the force is omnipresent. It may become clear from the following table. In the first column, efforts have been made to show the operation of the force from intelligence towards mind, senses and body, as is apparent with every individual and creature in the world. In the second column, different states of mind are explained and in the third column, the types of body from the top to bottom are depicted.

Still this force or Chetanya is omnipresent. But at the same time, for the salvation of the Intelligence from the bondage, Chetanaya lives there too. That is the reason, all scriptures and holy saints of all religions call upon us to search God within. The purification of the intelligence is sure to take place with the constant efforts. May it be sooner or a little later?

It is through Chetanaya, (residing in intellect), God works. It is He, who empowers our body. All this is channelised through Intelligence. So Chetanaya takes the shape of the things in accordance with the level of the spiritual upliftment of the Intelligence. This is true in both the mode of meditation, may it be Form meditation/Sakar Upasna or Nirakar Upasana (Formless meditation). You may worship Lord Shiva, Rama, Krishna, Nanak, Buddha, Mohammad, Mahabir or the Christ, anyone or anything you like. The moment any impulse of that power, you meditate, enters your mind the 'Chetanya' of your intelligence passes that very form of God to your impulse within no times. This impulse-created form (the same God you meditate) does all your jobs.

In fact, the entire play of life is enacted by 'Chetanaya'. But it is under the cover of the intelligence. This can take thousands, millions and billions of shapes in one second. It can produce, preserve and destroy 'His' whole creation in the same second and this goes on unchecked. All the above three actions i.e. Production, Preservation and annihilation are regularly going on with every breathe we are taking.

Let us give some attention to breathing system of our body. When it starts, it is creation of our breath (Brahm). Its inhaling goes on, it is preservation or sustenance (Vishnu) and finally, the breath is exhaled i.e. the annihilation (Mahesh) of the breath. Can any body stop it? All the above functions are taking place under orders of 'Chetanaya' through intelligence. That is why all religious scriptures and holy saints have ultimately concluded that to find God we are to search our intelligence. By doing so, we can attain Him there. Although God is omnipresent, intelligence is his particular place. He can be easily found there. Intelligence is also called by the name of 'Girja' of Lord Shiva, similarly, 'Lakshmi' of Lord Vishnu and 'Saraswati' of Lord Brahma.

In case, we want to understand the secret, we will have to stabilise our Intelligence. As long as our intellect is unstabilised, the secret will not be unfolded. For tranquillity, we need to wash and clean the impurities out our intellect. These are accumulated since countless births. They are recorded in our intellect in the shape of Sanskaras of previous births. These are to be identified and cleaned repeatedly till our intellect glows with love of humanity.

How to purify Intellect?

Slowly and steadily, we should try to make efforts to bring our 'Pranas' (vital breath) in the area of intellect. For this, we should practise the concept of differentiation of body, mind, intellect, and the Force on whose behalf the intellect, mind, body and its instruments along with the contribution of the five senses, - are operating.

We can enter the 'Pranas' through Japa too. It should be on a regular basis. There are chances of the breathing to rise upward and enter the intelligence through a constant Japa of any Mantra or even Ram Ram. The entry of breathing is also possible by Mental Japa. As soon as the 'Pranas' start going to the intellect, the mind will automatically be in a state of concentration. We shall be feeling the soothing, ray-like vibrations of truth. We will experience a new light, freshfulness and an awakening of real knowledge. The calm and the pleasant state of mind cannot be expressed in words. In a way, the mind loses its existence at this stage.

The 'Chetanya' (Force) is omnipresent behind the curtain. The intellect is always working as a curtain. Because of this curtain, the Chetanya is neither felt nor visible. It can be perceived only when the Pranas enter the Intelligence. By doing so, we will realise the hidden strength of Intellect. It is an incomplete meditation if the 'pranas' do not enter the intellect.

There are some other means too for practising the inward flow of Pranas. They are 'Rajyoga', 'Hathayoga' and 'Patanjali Yoga'. Patanjali Yoga advocates Pranayam. Pranayam is briefly, to exhale and inhale the Pranas (breathing) in such a way as prescribed in Patanjali Yoga. With certain techniques of Yoga, the breathing is to be turned towards the upper Chakras.

The location of these energy centres are indicated in the picture given below. The names of these chakras are Mooladhar, Swadishthan, Manipur, Anahat, Vishudhi, Agya and Brahm Randhra. These chakras are to be identified through concentration one by one. They all are to be awakened by paying full attention at their location through Pranayam. As per Patanjali Yog, our pranas will start moving up from one chakra to another slowly and steadily.

Centres of energies along the spinal chord

Fig:- Centres of energies along the spinal chord

Human body is alive by way of Pranas only. Our breathing makes the movements of the body possible. There is a huge amount of force, hidden in the body as well as in the thinnest nervous system. But this can come into action with the entrance of the Pranas into it. It is possible only through practice of contemplation and constant differentiation of gross and subtle.

This hidden power has three characteristics i.e. 'Satwa' 'Rajas' & 'Tamas'. How are the nerves to be activated? There is a 'Tantrik Shastra' for this purpose. This Shastra is also based upon Pranas. But the follower, who cherishes the supreme objective of achieving God, does not adopt the path of Tantrik Shastra. He does more and more self-contemplation. He practises self evaluation. His efforts are always to stabilise his intellect in his consciousness. He goes on repeating his method of meditation practically.

As a student of Vedanta, he studies and does the research of Vedantas, similarly, the student of Conscience explores the same everywhere. But His exploration and practice is also through intelligence. By constant repetition, the Pranas get entry in to the intellect. Once this process is through, we are sure to be successful. Generally speaking, the presence of Pranas is everywhere in our body but this feeling of normal presence will not serve our purpose. There should be an entrance of the Pranas and i.e. a special one. This entrance is to be located, to be searched, come what may.

For instance, a man is chanting the name of Rama all the time. While doing the meditation of Rama, it is not necessary that his mind will be in a state of peace. Stability of his mind depends upon the entry of the Pranas in the intellect. Somehow or the other our Pranas must reach the entry point. By the passage of time, when the entry in the intelligence takes place, the aim of meditation is complete. The feeling of lacking of something is no more. Everything is in abundance as it is in incomplete form. The secret of the importance of the name of Rama is unfolded in the intellect. His view point changes altogether.

Similar is the functioning and result of the Pranayama. But this does not mean that the secrets of the importance of the meditation are learnt only through Pranayama or by chanting the name of God only. There are various other ways too.

A man, who regularly sits for meditation and practises the procedure for the entry of Pranas into his intellect, does this in a peaceful and lonely place. He can also understand the importance of top secrets of finding consolation and peace of mind and also of the mediation of God's name. By observing the constant and regular attention, on the speed of our inhaling and exhaling, we can awaken more and more strength and vigour in our thoughts.

At the microscopic level, we are to enlighten ourselves with more and more power in our thought. This could be possible by practising the Pranayama. The energy cultivated in that way, will automatically reach that particular place of nerves of our body where there is a store house of micro-level hidden powers. In this way, the speed of our Pranas starts moving upwards. Usually, the upward flow of our breathing goes out through nostrils after touching the throat. It does not climb up. Its further flow to the upper sides depends upon our continued efforts in this direction. It also depends on our contemplation, review of needed amendments and an analysis of the energies of the intellect at micro level. The more, we adopt such a practice, the more conveniently opens the way to the mighty thoughts.

Medical science says that there is no such hole on the exhaling edge of the throat of the breathing to move upward. But our Yog Shastras claim and have proved that there is a way. Certainly, there exists a place. The place and the way to it is very special one. But we shall have to search and find it out with devotion and meditation. No hard work is needed. But all out efforts should be made whole-heartedly. We should do our best to watch the movement of our Pranas. This is the only precaution for this.

By following this, the Pranas will surely arrive at the place in the upper portion of the head called 'Brahmrandhra'. This place is somewhere near our head chakra on the top of our head. The moment, the breathing enters there, all the powerful and hidden secrets of our intellect are revealed. A unique feeling of relaxation and a complete peaceful state of mind is experienced.

Once the mind attains the state of complete tranquillity, the movement of our Pranas goes up. If it is unstable, the entire breathing is exhaled through the nostrils. Thus, the state of stability and upward moving of the breathing are co-related. When our speed of breathing is very fast, at that very particular time, apparently, our mind always in an unstable state. It is very normal in our life. The calmness and stability of our mind is the result of slow and subtle movement of our breathing.

There is a place at the back side of our ears, which is slightly higher than the adjoining skin aside. There are two special nerves having connections for making the way for the Pranas to move up. Only the most subtle pranas passes through these nerves. This is the stage, where the mind and intellect starts appearing separate than that of body. Here the attachment with the other parts of the body seems to be lessening. The body having been there, doing the usual daily routine looks like an apparatus being run by the energy of pranas.

This very perception after its conversion in to confirmation and belief enables us to achieve a state of awareness of our Conscience. Regular practice of the above will make it more distinct. The mind and intelligence will thus be just a cover of the Conscience or of the eternal 'Chaitnaya'. After this realisation, mind and the intellect lose their value. Rather, they dissolve themselves with the Eternal Force. What is the remainder at that time? It is the conscience or the Eternal Force. We may give it any name we like. All the names are equally forceful because our 'Pranas' are able to enter into the name which we repeat again and again.

This is not alone the version of Hindu philosophy. The Philosophers and Holy men of Europe as well as of the Persian Golf emphasised the similar kind of teachings. The first and foremost thing for us is to clear our hearts. All have a common conviction that God, Khuda, Christ and Ishwar can only be contemplated and meditated if our mind is stable. The Indian religious scriptures also convey the same message that our success, may it be in the arena of materialism or in spiritualism, depends upon the stability of the mind. The characteristics of the name which we chant regularly do enter into our mind and intellect through pranas and transform us with vitality and bliss.

But now the question arises is it possible to stabilise our ever- disturbed mind to such a state to achieve the above stage? The answer is, let us ponder over deeply on what we have learnt up till now. Do our mind and intellect lose their entity in sound sleep? Before entering into sound sleep, all impulses of mind vanish. It attains a static state. This is the only way to enjoy sound sleep. How do we reach and receive the pleasure of sound sleep?

The answer is that we can enjoy sound sleep only after completely losing the very existence of our various kinds of impulses. We do feel it practically every day that the comforts and peace we receive in sound sleep are many times more soothing than that of the comforts and peace we obtain through the other material means while awakened. Thus, we can understand the fundamental secrets of the same.

The basic secret behind this comfortable and stationary state of mind during the sound sleep is, that the mind or the intelligence, whatever you may call it, remains in a state of complete forgetfulness. It dissolves itself fully with the 'Chetanay Shakti' which is ever-lasting and changeless. The disturbed state of mind is no more. What is left at this stage is nothing but a Force only. The state of that 'Chetanaya' is a blissful state.

Whosoever, happens to taste that calm and pleasant bliss even for a short-while, can not live without attaining it. It is a marvellous and extremely relaxed state. The contentment experienced even once goes on increasing many-folds. It is exceptionally solaced giving. For the sake of that Eternal Bliss, we stop searching pleasures from the material objects and individuals, wine, women, weather and work. We need not renounce the home or the world. For us the whole world will be full of Supreme Bliss. His holiness says that forget everything so that the mind could be freed from the worldly lust. Forget all the three bodies i.e. material, subtle and causal. While doing this practice regularly, there will surely be an unbelievable change in our perception.

We are wanting in this spiritual bliss because we do not practise the feeling of omnipresent Force and that is why we are suffering. In case, we are successful in concentrating our aim, all our suffering will automatically convert itself into Supreme Bliss. In this world, there is nothing other than this and the rest is an illusion. All of us do the work to derive optimum satisfaction out of it. Our motive is our contentment. For this, what we are to do is, to awaken the inner bliss, which is very much there in our mind and intellect. In case we are able to enlighten the spiritual light, the whole world becomes blissful automatically.

This important secret is hidden, at a very micro-level, in all human beings, animals, birds, trees and grass etc. All are full with the same and similar quantity of 'Chetanaya'. It is in all. As the Spiritual Bliss exists in all, everywhere and at all the times, we can have its feeling too, at all times and everywhere. Wherever, whatever, our eyes see and whatever and wherever our mind and intellect goes, it is nothing else, but the expansion of our Real Self only. It cannot be anything else.

There is an immediate need for stabilising our mind to understand this. We should remove the dirt from our mind. If we are able to do it, there is nothing else except the Supreme Bliss. Our first job is to stabilise our mind. After this, we are to practise it with belief that our gross body and mind are two different entities. After a long practice, we will realize the fascinating spiritual light and knowledge. For this, the only condition is that we must go on with determination in the right direction. Our mind is no more in sound sleep and it is never stable in a state of awakening. We experience spiritual bliss in sound sleep. We feel hale and hearty after it. We get a sort of newness and freshness after having gone into sound sleep.

In our present awakened state of mind i.e. during day- time, may it be in any way, if we succeed in catching glimpse of that very pure bliss, it is a great achievement. Our endeavour should also be in a conscious state of mind at all times. It may be realised through practice - it will certainly be a rare bliss. Nobody would like to forego that wonderful and soothing experience. All desires, needs and wants seem to be finished. The very very long cycle of births and deaths break down. Then, one never likes to part with such kind of Bliss.

There remains nothing to be achieved after the bliss is experienced. This is ever-lasting and non-fragmented. This world, material objects, you and I are not there. There are unforeseen pleasures all around. That is unending. There is neither requirement nor any dearth of anything so the question or any scope of coming out and going anywhere else does not arise. This is the ultimate salvation of Self. This is the state of self-realization. Thus, those who are interested and wish to have self-realization need to stabilize their minds to begin with.

Our Motive

We should carry out some amendment in the motive of your life. There should not be the slightest selfishness in your motive. We can adopt any way we may like to activate that very motive. His Holiness says that it does not suffice to bring mind in a state of concentration alone. The motive of all our conduct (Karmas) and its means should be centred for liberating ourselves of the bondage of the (Karma) conduct.

What this means is that, if by stabilizing the mind, we continue to do our duties out of attachment, results will be worse than before. It adds fuel to the fire. The Karmas, born out of attachment, greediness, desire and with a sense of pride, are result-oriented. Thus, the cycle of Karmas and their effect never ends. This becomes the biggest impediment in the way of Self-Realization. WE are to be very particular about the sanskaras of the Karma. We should become witness (sakshi) and only watch the Karmas (conduct) automatically being done by Nature. If we do not stick to this principle, it will not be possible for us to attain Self Realization. So our efforts should be towards detachment.

His Holiness says that in case we want to make our birth successful by having self-realization, the only way is to stabilize mind. Put in as much efforts as you can. The mind is not far away from us. Nothing is nearer to us than our mind. We have a liaison with it, day and night. In a nutshell, we will have to bring a change in our style of working. We are to turn the attention of our mind to the subtle nerves of the body rather to the gross one, towards which we are inclined now. The more we are leaning towards the subtle, the less our bending towards the gross will be. We will start getting absolute truth by repeatedly turning to the inner-self. Thus, the secrets of the mind/intellect will be exposed and it will automatically dissolve itself in Consciousness.

We can acquire the absolute peace only by reaching the stage of pure spiritual consciousness. Our life-span will only be counted as successful and complete after having reached this very stage. Nowhere else the motive of our life will ever be in completion. We can attain this state of mind through any of the methods mentioned above. There is no such bar or condition that this can only be acquired by 'Hatha Yoga', 'Raj Yoga' or 'Ashtang Yoga'. But our motive should be to stabilize the mind. The 'Pranas' will automatically enter mind paving way for the consciousness to be awake.

Everything is everywhere. This has a deep meaning. Spiritually speaking, this means that the pure spiritual conscience is omnipresent. The entire cosmos is full of it. It energises everything everywhere. But the important thing is that no species other than human beings has the ability to recognise this truth. We have been specially blessed with this very rare human birth. Thus, it is our duty to make full use of the best opportunity and acquire eternal peace.

Sit for a while alone at a peaceful place and meditate on these things. See and understand if the body and mind are one or different from each other. In case, this fact is understood that the two are not one and the same, but are quite different, all false pride and attachment with the body will evaporate. The mess of illusion has been created and accepted by us since long ago. We have ourselves intermingled the mind with our body.

This is the only obstacle why we do not get detached. Our body and mind will be separated and the mind will automatically disappear, the moment the inner vision gets the rays of spiritual consciousness. It is after acquiring such a state of mind that we may have a feeling that we are on the path of meditation.

The world appears real to our senses as long as our mind is in impure form. It has, in store, the imprints of the experiences of the innumerable previous births, i.e. Sanskaras of the previous births. It is these Sanskaras which afflict and bewilder the mind leading to the creation of the illusory world of material attractions. But at this moment, if the mind is strong enough to differentiate between the illusion and the truth, it immediately reacts and loses its existence and calmly relaxes at the feet of its Master. This is an on-going process of meditation. After continuing this process of meditation for a long time, we may be able to stay in a pure state of spiritual consciousness. This is the salvation stage of the Self. We have never tried to understand the hidden treasure of spiritual consciousness and that is the reason why we are still far away from Truth.

The propounders of Indian scriptures and the holy men of the world have been emphasizing to experience bliss after stabilizing the mind. If we follow the above process in practical shape, the results will automatically appear. The meaning of His Holiness' viewpoint is that to be successful in our spiritual pursuits, to obtain absolute peace and to recognize the everlasting truth, there is only one way, and that is to remove unscrupulous dirt and stabilize our mind. We should always remember that there is no other way of getting emancipation and eternal bliss.