The process of natural changes and events never stops in this world. Similarly, the concept of economic, socio, political and religious set ups of all countries are also subject to constant changes. No state of affairs of any invidual, place or of any country can remain stable and permanent for ever. We have seen in number of political-socio-economic changes in countries like Russia, America, Britain, India, Afganistan, Iraq, Pakistan and so many other countries of the world. But, our efforts are, however, put to the fullest extent possible, to retain the same state which we think is beneficial and favourable to our wishes.

Exactly, a similar law of nature is applicable to all biological structures of our bodies. The fact regarding the ever-changing cycle of events of the world also coincides with the nature of our body and the state of our mind. Our body, mind and circumstances all over the world are under change. But generally, we do not respond positively to the natural changes. We expect something as per out desires.

Our expectations and efforts to impede the natural flow of this change, reduces our joy and that is why we feel aggrieved. This is the real cause of our afflictions. We do not adjust with the changing situations. For instances when our grown up children get married, we find a slight change in their behaviour. In case, our response to this change is negative, a serious social problem may arise and if we as elders, adjust themselves accordingly, the atmosphere of our family becomes charming and comfortable. We, normally, do not accept the people and situations smilingly as they happen to come across. We give subjective impressions about individuals and incidents. Thus, we interrupt the course of action of Nature.

His Holiness explains that even when Lord Krishna recited the holy discourse of Gita to Arjuna, the latter showed his resistance at the initial stage. But later on, his mind as well as intellect were completely purified and he surrendered to Lord Krishna. The principle which Lord Krishna wanted to establish was not concerned with Kauravas and Pandavas alone, but it related to the whole world as one and only one nation. The ensuing dispute between them could not be settled despite the best efforts of Lord Krishna and the battle of Mahabharata could not be averted. The pre-determined course of action always takes place as per schedule of Nature. Change is its universal law, although human beings are making all efforts to control the factors leading to change.

This does not mean that Lord Rama and Lord Krishna were not competent enough to keep things in normal order. But at the same time, they were supposed to lead lives, as observer of the sequence of the incidents taking place. They were not to become an obstruction in the natural process. The conflict of Kauravas and Pandavas gave birth to the circumstances under which Lord Krishna recited "GITA". Gita is omnipresent, universal and everlasting Holy Granth. It is applicable to all situations and provides an end to all afflictions of human beings by solving their problems. Its importance is something rare, astounding, unique and scientific not only for India, but for the entire World.

Before this Lord Rama had also established "Ramrajya" (Kingdom of love, peace and harmony). But with the passage of time, it also underwent a change. It gave "Ramayana" to mankind and the whole world is indebted to Rishi Balmiki and Tulsidas. It is a historical fact that Rishi Valmiki composed Ramayana even before Lord Rama was incarnated. We should learn to understand the process in which the change is taking place in everything, howsoever insignificant or magnificent it may be. We are also to contemplate upon the idea that the change is a universal phenomenon and it is to take place in any form, it may or may not be visible to our physical eyes.

Countless changes have taken place after Lord Rama and Lord Krishna appeared on the world stage. A number of civilisations had come into being and disappeared along with numerous other changes on this earth. Leaving aside these historical events with factual changes, let us, for instance, take our own body to understand the enormous changes taking place in it.

1. Are we same or similar to what we were in childhood ?

2. Will we be the same in our youth as we are now ?

3. Will there be no change from youth to old age and so on?

The phenomenon of change is a natural one. This is the answer to above questions. We all are aware of this. It is happening throughout the universe. We also see it daily with our own eyes, but we do not concentrate upon the invisible changes taking place in our bodies. There is an urgent need to give our attention to the above facts. We are not in a position to control the ever-changing stages of our body.

Not only this, we are in favour of only those changes which we perceive not to be harmful to us. The changes, we dislike such as old age, sickness etc. are deliberately avoided. Our best efforts are always directed towards keeping our body hale and hearty. We do not want old age, nor do we want to be sick. But contrary to this, it all happens with us. From childhood, we pass to youth, from youth to old age and from old age to death. Our body is galloping at a high speed. Even the assessment of the speed of the change of our body can not be ascertained. No calculation will ever be helpful.

The entire medical science of the world is doing experiments to check the speed of change. Scientific research is being conducted to prevent the change in body. But so far nothing has come out and the body is under change since time immemorial. Let us have a closer look at our clothes. What are these ? Clothes are a name given to objects and accepted as clothes by us. But something else is behind these clothes. Nobody can visualize it. The present form of the clothes is also under change. Before coming to a tailor, clothes were in the form of threads and prior to that cotton, acquired from a cotton plant. The present form of these clothes is given by the sewing machine of a tailor.

Astounding are the ways of the illusion. The above illustration is sufficient to help understand the speed and the form of the change taking place. We are putting our best efforts to control the illusion (Maya). But this cannot and will not be controlled. What to talk of controlling, we are still not able to understand it.

Q: Guru Ji, please tell us what is intellect?

Ans:- In fact, the original and real form of our intellect is only one. It is one and the same in all human beings and creatures of the Universe. It is so powerful and mighty that it has the energy to create a new universe of its choice, what to talk of modern scientific inventions. But, intellect works under three gunas i.e. satav, (balanced and positive position), rajas (stimulating and pursuit of material objects) and tamas (lathargic and negative thoughts).

These different gunas are reflected in intellect by present and past karmas sanskars. After coming in contact with past sanskaras and present material world, it turns into 'maya' (illusion). It controls the mind, produces and destroys thoughts. It seems to us that whatever we are doing, is being done directly by our intellect. But it is not so. Contrary to this, all our activities are being reinforced and displayed in practical shape by the Eternal Force, which is not easily discernible. Mind and intellect, being themselves in illusion pose to be doers of all our working.

It has been proved that our mind and intellect are illusion only. In case we are able to understand and dissolve or separate our mind/intellect from the Real-Self from which it gets energy, our present thinking regarding the world and its activities will also disappear. Because, these appearances of the world leading to happiness and sorrow in our personal lives are main cause of all our afflictions and disturbances in life. Our aim in this life is to be free from tension, suffering, stress, confusion etc. We want everlasting pleasure and peace of mind in our life. Thus, continuous practice of the above is indispensable to keep in touch with the source of energy

i.e. the Eternal Force.

In view of the above, our perceptions for the entire worldly objects, individuals, animals, birds, trees, grass etc. shall altogether change and in that place the reflections of Eternal Force will start giving a glimpse of delight. This way of thinking will automatically enrich the domain of our mind with peace and progress in every aspect of our life.

It would seem to us very astonishing that at the very outset, we do not need intellect for understanding the Eternal Force. What do we need then ? Our immediate requirement is to purify the intellect. Once it is purified, half of our job would be over. The process of purification is of intellect is to understand and feel the omnipresence of Eternal Force.

By experiencing this practically, our intellect automatically loses its significance. By losing its importance, it finishes its existence slowly and steadily. It is here that the process of purification is started and a stage comes when the illusion of intellect is differentiated from the feeling of the omnipresence of the Eternal Force. It starts flourishing in our social, economic, religious, spiritual and all other aspects of our life.

All the scriptures of the world have been advocating purification of mind and intellect by understanding the basic fact that it is the Eternal Force under whose overall control the entire system is functioning. Basic message and the essence of all these scriptures has been the same.

Repeated attempts have been made to convince mankind about these facts. Once impurities like the lust for materialism, too much attachment, a feeling of expectations while doing actions, instability of mind and lack of consciousness regarding the omnipresence of God is removed, the hindrances in the way to achieve the main goal of peace and stability of mind is achieved. By and by intellect becomes subtle and understands the reality and in due course of time, it surrenders to the Reas-Self.

All the holy men of the world of different religions, having their abundant experiences of knowledge, have exposed valuable ways to the people so that they too, may make full use of the methods and may attain peace. They put it before the people by writing scriptures about the mysterious ways to purify the mind and intellect. They did so for the up-lift of society as a whole. So all the scriptures awaken and purify our intellect directly or indirectly. Only a purified mind and intellect can admit the supremacy of the Omnipresence of God.

This alone much is not sufficient and much more is there to be done. Even after knowing and understanding so much, we still invariably, knowingly or unknowingly, fall prey to impurities, to wrong notions in our day-to-day lives. Due to ignorance and lack of practice, we profess wrongly that our intellect is the doer of all deeds.

In reality, we should go on understanding that it is the instrument of the light of the Omnipresence through which all actions take place. Actually, we are not doers.

Mind/Intellect is a sort of medium by which actions are performed at the behest of the Supreme Power. It is like an apparatus or an instrument which starts its operation only after getting the current of electricity in the shape of 'Chatayana Shakti'. As the value of an apparatus is nothing to a user, in case of unavailability of electricity, similarly, the value of body, mind and intellect is nothing if the same is without the current of Omnipresence. Thus the existence of the intellect is conditional. Evidently, it is subordinate and under full control of the Absolute Being.

Now a question arises how and why are we oblivious of this fact. The answer is that it is because of the residual effect of our impure actions or sins of previous births. The conduct of the present birth also plays a dominant role in formulating our prevailing state of mind. The accumulations of negative and useless past and present thoughts is a hindrance in realising the Real-Self.