The moment, the intellect awakens from sound sleep, it starts functioning through mind in its own way. It creates its own world of thoughts. A number of our longings and fulfillments give rise to temptation and their unfulfilments, lead to the loss of temper. Despite this, we keep on our pursuits. Our undue attachment to desires darkens our intellect. It remains upset and is always in tension.

Intellect gets completely surrounded by its adversaries. This is a state of its forgetfulness. What does the intellect forget? It forgets its Eternal Force, wherefrom it is deriving. It is strange that it forgets its Master. Obviously, the working of intellect does not remain legitimate and accurate without Him. As a child feels secure, satisfied and contented in the lap of his mother, in the same way when intellect submits to its Master, it loses its identity and gets stabilised. With this, its restlessness is gone.

The plight of the intellect after getting detached from his Master can be equated with the story of a pet dog who somehow or the other forgets to follow its master in a large crowd and is lost. It does not know where to go and how to search its master. After a long search, the dog gets restless and loses temper. It starts barking and biting passersby.

Presuming that the dog has run amuck, the people shoot it dead. Exactly in the same way, our intellect is not able to conduct righteously, when it loses relationship with its Master (Real Self). At this stage, intellect is full of illusions, and may indulge in undesirable actions which could lead to a serious setback in spiritual pursuits.

There is a very thin and subtle layer of intellect, which is like a mirror. It watches the whole universe and the worldly objects

through our eyes. As long as the intellect is in union, with the Eternal Force it has the capacity of distinguishing between the illusory objects of the world and the everlasting Force. Very often, the mind remains grossly involved in useless fancies and fantasies. That is the state of its forgetfulness.

In this state of separation from the Eternal Force, the coloured pictures of the rapidly changing world deceive the mind. The reason being that in majority of such situations when the intellect is in isolation of the Eternal Force, these ever-changing objects resemble reality. Here, the failure of the intellect not to keep up the memory of the Eternal Force alive, is the root cause of all our disturbances. We must be able to recognise and remove this very state of forgetfulness of the intellect.

When the picture of the worldly things falls on the screen of the intellect through our eyes, for want of the ever-realised state of consciousness, it normally appears shaking as if trembling. That is the reason, that the present shape of the worldly things appears to be attractive and true. Truth is forgotten by intellect. Even at this juncture, if our intellect remembers the Eternal Force, truth will prevail. All layers of ignorance will be banished. All sorts of evils shall be uprooted. Although it is not so easy, but at the same time, it is not impossible to practise and to be successful. We must not be disheartened.

Failure to understand the subtle nature of intellect, is a big obstacle in the initial stage. The subject can be learnt in a better way by comparing the screen of the film with the screen of the intellect. As all the pictures on the screen of film look like real, although we know that it is a concocted story and is not real one, as the picture moves with the force of electricity. Similarly, "intellect" moves on account of Eternal Force.

A change is taking place all around rapidly. The moment, a living or non-living object is seen, simultaneously, there is a rechange in its form both inside and outside. Apart from this, the shape of the living or non-living creature which we saw one second earlier, is not the same in the following second. We take it as it appears to us and it is certainly our subjective opinion. It is not true. Sun is the source of all changes. Its light travels at the speed of 1.85 lac K.M. per second. So, individual or the object or any living or non-living creature can not be the same as it was during the first second. Its form and the shape are always under continuous change, though it is not visible to our eyes.

How speedily is the change taking place in the plants after winter. Within a few days, the branches of the trees are filled with greenery. Exactly, with the similar speed, change is going on in our bodies too. We observe by understanding the above examples that it is a change, which is behind the entire show, we see all around in this world. Now the question arises what is this? what do we see ?

Our intellect, continues to attract, obtain and dissolve itself with the temporary glimpse of the short-lived pleasures out of the worldly objects and individuals. After getting a momentary satisfaction it is tranquilized for even less than a second and creates another desire to be fulfilled. In this unending cycle of various impulses, the intellect does not remain surrendered to Eternal Force. It fails to understand the reality.

In nutshell, Swamiji concludes that it is the knowledge, or the Eternal Force which bestows energy on intellect. Despite this fact, mind claims the doership. Such presumptions of the mind are a sheer illusion and nothing more. Without Eternal Force, the intellect has no existence of its own. As a matter of fact, knowledge which has the same power as that of Almighty, sends the command to the intellect for all the action plans. As the transmission of this energy passes through mind, it deliberately says that it is the doer of all the actions. The knowledge, by which the mind is admitting this, is no other than the Eternal Force, but it fails to remember.

As explained earlier, as a matter of fact there is no such thing as an illusion. Is it without the power of almighty? The Almighty is present in illusion too. Illusion does has a illumination hidden in it. Whatever is appearing to us, as true, is all 'Maya' and not Truth. We may question why this 'Maya' is looking so real? The answer is that the controller of the world is omnipresent and it is on this account that everything appears real.

Swamiji says that an illusion is just a cover as the lid of a pot is a sort of obstacle for us in knowing the reality as to what has been put into the pot? The value of lid is so long as it is on the pot because it keeps everything covered. The moment it is replaced, we come to know the reality. There remains no importance of the cover now. The example of the cover of the pot is quite similar to our state of illusion. To remove the main cause of our problems, we shall have to replace the illusion like cover from our mind so as to taste the comforts of bliss.

We can also compare the state of a dream with that of ignorance or illusion. Our intellect is also like a big dream. In dream we jump, weep, dance and fly. What is this? This is nothing but sheer imagination. Our intellect is also doing the same job. The dream has no truth and no existence of its own. Similarly, our intellect is also not real & has thus, no existence of its own. But the Eternal Force which is working behind the dream and the intellect, is changeless and everlasting.

As per Swamiji's teachings, we can not think and see an individual and object until it enters our brain. Our intellect takes a complete picture of everything it thinks and looks. It cannot see an object, which is not recognised by our brain before it is reflected to our eyes. Can we prepare an account of what we have seen or what we have been thinking from morning till late in the evening? No, this will be a useless exercise. This, too, is just a dream-like state of affairs during the day in our state of so-called awakening. The brain also does the same job in dreaming at night.

Thus, whatever we do, while awake, is just a dream. How can a dream be true? We should give a serious thought to what has been said above. Our intellect presumes itself all in all, forms its own evaluations about the pictures of all objects and individuals on the basis of which our behaviour patterns take shape. The difference between the night dream and the day's activities is of a span of duration. The day's dream is longer than night dream. During night dream, our body and senses are at rest but only mind functions.

By the divine knowledge, we can wake up in reality. At that Supreme stage, there is an end to dreams, intellect and the world. This does not mean that the dream, minds of others and the world are no more. Everything remains as it is. But they all become so unimpressive and unimportant at our personal level and are unable to disturb the blissful state of our mind. This does not mean that the world becomes meaningless and devoid of charm. No, it becomes more beautiful with a sudden change in our perception.

What have we been doing till now since childhood? We have been regarding the waves of our thoughts. We have been planning of our actions accordingly as real. We have spent our whole time under the influence of illusions. They may be material, official, social or political. What did we get out of our unending cycle of impulses till now? Has the illusion of material hustle and bustle or the attainment of high official position, ever been able to satisfy us ? No, it has never been.

In all these fields, there is always a scope for further allurement and more achievement. There are still more chances to do something. There can be no full contentment, satisfaction and no relaxation. The mind will always be surrounded by the desire to go ahead. Fear, discontentment, restlessness, anxiety for upliftment and for more self-respect will always remain at work. It is not full.

Thus, the important point to understand and to practise is that we should dissolve our identity completely in the Eternal Force, because, it is full. That is the only alternative to get out of the bondage of illusions. This practice will definitely provide us with solace, comfort and contentment.