After taking meals, we believe that we have taken to the full and we feel satiated. When we fall ill, we take medicines. This is just for the mind to believe that we will get better and accordingly, we recover from illness. How costly the medicine may be, but if our mind loses faith in the medicine (may it be after reading its composition or in any other way), we will never get well. Healing also takes place by developing faith through religious scriptures. Some spiritual centres boost the morale so that people can get rid of maladies. People are induced by the moral support to believe so. Once our faith gets strengthened, we are cured and become hale and hearty.

Exactly same is true about the existence of God. So long as we do not believe that God is within us, we will never believe our eyes, even, if He appears and walks before us. All holy men in the world have propounded different systems of meditation only to strengthen the diminishing faith of people in God. Full faith, backed by a firm determination, can bring about the most remarkable changes in the state of mind. A mind with strong faith can achieve any goal or realize any ambition during its lifetime.

Talking about Siddhis, Swamiji has said that there exists a Siddhi, which can be acquired through the help of faith. By acquiring this, you may take a small quantity of dust in your hand with a desire to convert it into gold and it will immediately turn into gold. Such is the power of strong faith. Lord Krishna lifted the huge Goverdhan on the tip of his little finger in the air. He had a Siddhi to do so. It was his firm belief that the mountain was, even, lighter than a piece of cotton. He had full faith in the Self and carried the big mountain on his finger.

In "Yoga Vashishta", there is a story of the nine sons of a king. All the sons were most virtuous and religious-minded. They used to be in continuous meditation. All of them decided to create their own Brahmand. They had full faith that they could do so. At that time, the great patriarch Brahma, was resting after annihilation of the Universe. Each one of the nine sons created Brahmand of their own. Brahma, being the creator of the universe, was wonderstuck after awakening. He asked them the reason for this creation. Their reply was that these were their Brahmands and told him to create his own Brahmand separately if he so desires.

Swamiji says that everyone of us possesses capacity for the creation of a Brahmand (universe). But this needs self-confidence, coupled with firm determination. This is quite evident and we see it happening in our daily lives. If we just observe our social attitude, which we extend towards an innocent child, while teaching him the alphabet 'A'. What do we do? We only try to create and build up his faith in the shape of the letter 'A'. We make him to believe. It is only after his firm belief in 'A', that we lead him further. As the belief of the child in the recognition of the form and shape of the one alphabet becomes clear, the child picks up the next word. In the same way, if we firmly believe and have faith in the Omnipresence of Ishwara, impurities of mind will slowly banish. The one, whose mind is devoid of faith, will remain unstable. An unstable mind is a weak mind. A weak mind generally remains in illusion.

With faith in God, patience will permanently reside in our minds. Peace, comfort and the feeling of easiness will prevail. As a matter of fact, God is not a commodity, which can be purchased. It is not an article which comes from outside. God is within us. But, we are to feel and understand that He is beyond the reach of our body, mind and intellect and at the same time, our body, mind and intellect work through Him.Our body, mind and intellect have no strength of their own but they only activated with the force of God.

Our problem is that we are poor believers. The reason for the lack of our trust in God is that we have not firmly routed our feelings towards Him. Our feeling of pervasiveness of God should be even stronger than the feeling of craving for food while hungry. The more regular the sequence and frequency of the remembrance of God in our mind, the more pious and pure our mind will become. There should be a continuous feeling of the presence of God in our each and every action and activity.

By and by the virtues like righteousness, spontaneous feeling of God, peace and contentment will take over and the reign of stability will over-rule disturbance and discontentment. Faith is, thus, related to our inner state of mind. It is something very subjective and differs from man to man. It is something quite unique and matchless. Its progress cannot be shown in the shape of a net-result as we do in the case of a material achievement. It is to be aroused from within.

All scientific discoveries and inventions are the result of the determination backed by faith. The worker does his job due to his faith that he will get the wages. The farmer ploughs his fields and works hard because he has faith that his crops will grow. The people working in the offices and factories also believe that they will get their dues after a week or a month.

The whole energy of our body, brain and intellect depends upon faith. Our social, moral and spiritual values are boosted by faith. We remain hale and hearty as long as we have faith in our minds. A heart lacking in faith is always weak and cannot easily achieve the state of stability.

But, unfortunately, we do not stick to our determination to have faith. We do not remain firm and stable in this feeling. We bring in our practice only formal type of feeling of faith and do not exert ourselves to imbibe faith in our hearts. In case our faith is awakened and enlarged to the fullest extent, we can have vision of God, in as short-span, as it takes to quench our thirst with a tumbler of water.

God is always with us. He is even before our eyes. He is everywhere all the time. We should always keep this feeling within ourselves. We should always try to be stable to retain this state of mind in all circumstances. Pleasures and pains, friendship and enmity will automatically start converting into a state of equilibrium. There will be a peaceful kingdom of unity with full control of oneness. There will never be any scope for duality.

We need to become very practical in our approach. We will have to say goodbye to the double standards, we have been maintaining. We are expert in delivering such speeches to others but are not very particular in practically adopting the same at our level.

Since,We are pervading everywhere, so as a normal person too, we cannot be a separate as an individual entity. As per the theory of omnipresence, We are also present in the wickedness of a man or woman. Here, we should try to make an attempt to understand. We should visualise and realise the very feeling of Pervasiveness of God at that time. Although, it is very difficult in a testing situation because of the conflicting and quite different nature of the opposite party, yet the realization of the above state of mind is possible. Our efforts to make distinctions between the negative and positive forces, and our determined pursuit of the concept of our existence as Eternal Force, will take us, out of the vicious circle of jealousy, hatred and egoism.

Thus, we come to the conclusion that in case we curse the presumed bad nature of a man/woman, have ill-will or hatred for him or her, it will harm us most, because, that ill-will, hatred or jealousy has basically originated in us. Our belief awakens us the feeling that he/she whom we are ignoring is also present in our hearts, because as 'We', he/she is also Omnipresent. 'We' implies to us also. We are always there in his/her heart. That is why it is we who suffer first.

So, to have bad feelings about others, will surely affect us first. Whom shall we blame? No place or no person is without Him. But, we do not get used to this feeling. We do not believe that this is a universal truth. We still do not agree that all actions and reactions take place automatically through Eternal Force. This is nothing, but our ignorance and illusion.

Faith is to be discovered within. It is in plenty and unlimited. It is just to be awakened. It takes some time to bring something from a place but it does not take even a second to attain the state of faith. It is not to be brought from anywhere. Only the human beings have attained the peculiar feature of faith. Animals are not able to balance their minds to the same extent as human beings.

Man has an unending potential for Faith. He has also the ability to purify his mind to concentrate for achievement of this motive. It takes long time and lot of efforts to gain material objects, worldwide fame and recognition, but Faith is always there in our mind. The only problem is that our mind is covered with many impurities. After distinguishing and converting the impurities into purities, we are to bring faith to the surface of our mind. There is no delay of even one second to achieve Enlightenment through this process.

Generally, we think that we live by food alone. We believe that we will perish if we do not take it. But this is not so. Our Saints have established that man can live even without taking food. He may not require other material objects too, for which he has a longing unnecessarily. It is seen that there is no full satisfaction in the material objects. It will always be ninety-nine and can never be a hundred. Who is in bondage? The answer is - 'he' - who wants something. The full is never in bonds. It is always stable.

Our human body which appears to us a small one, is not so. It is spread over all Brahmandas. It is Omnipresent. It has already been mentioned that we are to know and understand this truth and apply the same perceiving it through our naked eyes at the gross level. We are to exercise our judgment through our intellect at a subtle level, simultaneously, that we are everywhere. It is faith that removes all hurdles. It clears way for the sustained and constant practice at gross as well as subtle level. We do not need to throw the dirt out and bring cleanliness in our hearts from outside. Purety can be had by practicing the above cencept.

How is our body or any other object omnipresent? We see how our body and its smallest action is manifested everywhere on TV at a time. This clearly means that the speed of movement, expansion and spread-over of our body or of any other object is so swift that it cannot be visible to our physical eyes. The speed cannot be measured too. That is the reason why everything is omnipresent automatically and is never brought from anywhere to make it look like omnipresent. Faith surfaces only when the secret of Eternal Truth is understood fully.

  1. Science has already proved that the light of the Sun passes through us and the worldly objects at the speed of 1,87,000 km. per second and our body and objects are unaffected. This means that the speed of our motion is even faster than that of the light of the Sun. It cannot be estimated.
  2. The light of the Sun reaches the earth within 71/2 minutes. The light, which we see just now, started its journey 71/2 minutes before. Let us think how much time does it take us to reach the Sun? We reach the Sun in even less than a second. Thus, it is proved that our speed, may it be the vision of our eyes or mind cannot be calculated and hence it is much faster than the speed of the light.

Let us concentrate on the following three questions again:

    1. Does the speed of our mind run faster than that of our body?
    2. Does the body go along with mind wherever it goes?
    3. Are the body and mind inseparable?

The answer to the first question is that the speed of our mind is much more fast than the speed of our body. The body acts upon the directions of mind. Mind is controller of the body and is much powerful. The subtleness of mind is powerful than gross one. It strengthens the stability of mind which imbibes faith.

The answer to the second question is that our mind and body remain together. Everything we see outside is already seen by our mind inside and then flashed out. In case, the mind as we normally say, watches the Universe leaving the body behind, our body would have been declared dead. So, mind does not go anywhere. The objects of the outward world themselves enter the mind but due to lack of knowledge, we profess that our mind watches these things by going away from our body. This is not correct.

The answer to the third question is that the body and mind are inseparable. They are one till their existence does not completely dissolved in Eternal Force.That is only possible through Knowledge.

Till this target is achieved, the salvation of mind or body will never take place.

We can have another proof of our omnipresence and of the unbelievable speed of our body. This can be understood well by taking the example of a looking glass. When we stand before a looking glass, our body is reflected inversely within no time. The glass obstructs the speed of the body, the moment it comes before it. It means that our body has a faster speed than that of the light because it is spread over the entire universe. It is impossible to estimate the speed of the body.

This was what Lord Krishna displayed to Arjuna as 'Virat Roop' (Celestial Form). He spread his whole body in the Universe and moved the illusion of Arjuna. He taught Arjuna how as a 'We' in the body, we are omnipresent in the whole universe. To understand those mysterious layers of knowledge, we need to contemplate at the micro-level.

The sound is also omnipresent. If one radio-set is not catching the waves due to some fault in it, it does not mean that the sound is not present in the waves. Similarly, our success or failure in understanding this, will have no effect on the universal truth. It will be as new and as soothing as ever. We may or may not catch the glimpse of Ultimate Truth, but it will ever remain so.

The Spiritual Faith, through its waves, unfolds the wonderful realities of the path of Knowledge by way of breathing. Swamiji says that Rishi Dattatraya displayed the method through the power of Pranas, as how our body is omnipresent and how it is a Virat Roop. He also proved that although by way of Pranas our body has ability to acquire omnipresence or numberless forms, it is under limitation in comparison with the Eternal Force or Consciousness. But still due to ignorance, we consider our body very limited. We have never even imagine for a second that our small body has such a miraculous power, which can be awakened by the Pranas.

Through the vibrations of faith we can come to know the functions of pranas and their wonderful area of operation. Our exposure will pick up the speed slowly and steadily by believing in the subtle and microscopic mighty powers of the Pranas (vital breath). As per the Shastras, the pranas have been categorised into five parts i.e. Apan Pran, Udyan Pran, Vayan Pran, Sman Pran and Pran.

We can raise one more question. We have learnt that the five elements of the human body i.e. air, earth, sky, water and fire are present everywhere and are in full as per the natural requirement of each and every object of the universe. Everything in the Universe is the combination of these elements. How could our body be within limits ? It cannot be. Thus, we are to broaden our vision of understanding. We are to search the subtle layers of our mind with the help of our Pranas. Let us see this in a tabulated form.





(Five Elements) Air, Water, Fire, Sky and Earth



Subtle forms of Five Elements.

Roopa (Form), Rasa (Taste), Gandha (Smell), Sparsha (Touch) and Dhwani (Sound).



Human body and all other objects








Q. Swamiji, why does stability of mind not last for a long time?

Ans.:- It is a period of meditation and it is just like a stepping-stone. During this period, up and down do appear. This is similar to the period when a little child stumbles many times while learning to walk. So the fall and rise in the initial stage of the meditation is but natural. Stability does not reach us so quickly but by and by we start feeling bliss.

Q. Swamiji, sometimes, we find a serious setback in the way of our meditation?

Ans.:- Strengthen your Real Self. Don't forget to recognise and to differentiate between the three gunas, i.e. Rajas, Tamas and Satva. Adi Shankracharya says the only requirement for meditation is to keep more and more concentration on the methods for realisation of the Self. There is absolutely no other pre-requisite for starting meditation. We should have the feeling of self-realization with every breath that we inhale and exhale. This is very simple too. We do not require any special time for the same. This is possible everywhere and at all times. We have to pay attention at the initial stage only and later on, we will get used to it. This is real meditation.

Q. The feeling of body-consciousness troubles me very much. How should I be able to get rid of it?

Ans.:- There will be no feeling of body-consciousness the moment Real-Self is awakened. All other things i.e. body, senses, mind and intellect, will automatically take their seats in the back. Do not stop the practice of realizing the Real-Self and you will be crowned with success.