Complete Surrender

Despite research, practice and exploration have been made regarding God, since inception of the universe, it has always remained a mystery. It has always been inexplicable and will remain so in the future, too.

The whole exercise has been possible through our intelligence. Intelligence has also been in a state of mysterious incompleteness. There too, God is omnipresent. Whatever the feeling and knowledge the holy men of the world achieved through intelligence about God; they have been delivering it or telling people from time to time. Although their approaches for interpretation have always been different from one and other.

But till today, this subject is still debatable, complex and full of mystery. To make it very simple, Lord Krishna advised mankind to do deeds without any temptation and not to seek a return or reward. Not only this, He even said that we should not proudly utter a word that we would do this work or not do that. Even such expressions involve us in the net of deeds/karmas. According to Him, such an attitude is something unnatural. When we say with a sense of attachment and pride that this is to be done and that is not to be done, is the pre-planning of our intellect. It is again a state, which creates predispositions/sanskaras and put us in bondage.

Doing this or that, intentionally, brings the results for us and that is what we call sanskaras. By doing the deeds in such a manner, we add to our pride and interference in the natural process that further binds us for performing other works and so on. Krishna says that here, we are doing something very serious and wrong against the automatic or unpremeditated functioning of God. If we do not allow our pride to enter, Nature will always keep the automatic flow of deeds and its results will remain in order. The deeds may be good or bad as per our way of thinking, but it will have no effect on the doer.

Since the doer believes in this truth, realizes and practises it, he is neither pleased nor displeased by the outcome of the deeds. He keeps himself calm in the automatic functioning of the Natural system. Whatever is pre-determined, shall take place accordingly and would not be avoided. But it will pass away without giving us as much agony as is expected in case we are balanced in natural flow of incidents. He remains as an observer while doing all his normal duties, but never claims himself as a doer of anything, whatsoever.

Contrary to this, if the deeds are done with a sense of pride, the effects of the deeds remain in our minds even after the deed is accomplished. It will not set our minds free. The result of such Karmas (deeds), howsoever good they may be, settles in our intelligence and makes it heavy. This is so, because our deeds are generally prompted by temptations, interference, pride and attachment.

The Karmas may not be out of natural course. Swamiji says that even our expression that we will not do anything bad and will stick to good deeds only, the result in both the cases will reflect the bearing of the seeds of interference and pride of doing. It is beyond the control of a human being. We are only instruments. Good or bad is in the hands of Nature, but our deliberate interference in the natural way of work puts us in trouble.

It is not easy to stop Sansakaras. Our intellect has a huge accumulation of Sanskaras of the past births. There exists the whole account of all Karmas. Similarly, the present actions are also making an addition to the previous lengthy list of Karmas.

But there is a way out. For this, our intellect needs to be established in oneness. It should have no deliberate intention of doing anything. It should have a state of an uninvolvement. In case our Buddhi (intelligence) is able to climb to those heights of spiritualism where there is abundance of blissfulness, the emergence of new bad Sansakaras will be automatically stopped. Another alternative is that we should endeavour to imbibe fresh and new powerful Sansakaras so that the pre-destined negative Sansakaras may prove weak. In that way, things will definitely improve once we stop giving our attention to such Sansakaras erupting into our mind.

In theory, what we come across very often, it is easy to give preaching than to mould ourselves completely in the above state of mind. If it is accomplished, it will bring boundless eternal bliss. It will be a state of transcendental consciousness, which is an action- free state of mind. This is the real liberation from the cycle of births and deaths.

But, do we practically adhere to the teachings of Lord Krishna, Christ, Nanak or our Master? What is happening all around? All the so-called preachers or the followers, holding important positions, may it be at any level of society, if lacking in leading a desired practical life, are in bondage. The reason of our bondage is our ignorance. It is due to illusion that we claim doer ship.

The reality is that an unseen force is automatically doing all the operations. These so-called important persons including us are in fact, instruments only. But what are we doing in turn? We are, in fact, adding our pride, temptation and the jealousy to the natural activity going in its own way. Thus, we create our own sanskaras which entrap us in the net of births and deaths.

That is what Krishna advised us that it is futile to feel pride in a spontaneous action which is going on selflessly. We can not live even for a second, without any action. It is our mistake when we say that I am doing a particular action. Look at your breathing system. The system is at work itself. Nobody from us can ever say that he is running it. So, we do not contribute anything in its functioning. Similarly, in sound sleep, all other activities of our body remain in action. The nerves continue to work and the blood circulation is also running at a stretch, although our intellect along with our senses remains in the sound sleep.

Have we ever thought about this? Which is the Force behind all this? We do need to think. We will surely find the right answer. That is, we can do our best to avoid our involvement with the continuing natural activities. Until our mind does not grasp this reality, does not contemplate and starts realizing Truth explained above, the Transcendental or Super consciousness can not be achieved. We may search the Truth wherever we may like, we may roam about in the whole world in its pursuit, but that will not be of much use. In the absence of our own real practical spiritual life, we will not succeed despite being having a spiritual Guru. Our life will prove to be meaningless if we do not practise the teachings of the Master in our life-span. May it be very slowly and steadily.

In case, we want to escape ourselves from the clutches of slavery of ignorance, we shall have to give up the feeling of pride in all the things we do. As long as the intellect remains pre-occupied with the sanskaras, the sense of pains and pleasures are sure to exist. For sovereignty, we are to rebuild the sanskar-free-Mind. If we succeed in evaporating the reactions of our actions from our mind and we are also careful in adjusting ourselves as per the natural situations after identifying the eternal Force, then and only then can we be stable and transcend different evolutionary stages of Consciousness. Otherwise, we shall have to face the results of our good or bad actions in equal proportion.

Let us give some attention to the following questions, which are very simple.

1) Who does digest our food, we take every day?

2) Who is controlling the huge and complex chemical actions and reactions taking place in our body?

3) How and under whose control our breathing system is working?

4) How is our blood circulation functioning?

5) By whom is our body attended to when our Buddhi (Intelligence) is in sound sleep?

6) Do the elements or the force, which perform the above jobs, take their responsibilities of the numerous duties performed by them?

Just think for a while, is our pride conducive to all these actions? The answer is No. If some people think so, it is a myth. Swamiji says that 99% functions of the universe are taking place automatically. The spontaneity of actions and reactions is in tune with Nature. If we understand that 99% of our actions take place at their own, than the little fraction of 1%, which is being done by us, can too, easily be surrendered by stabilising our mind.

7) The seventh question is that does the electricity take the responsibility if any body touches its naked wires?

8) The last but the most important question, which is interlinked with the aforesaid questions, is:

Do the five elements [Water, Fire, Earth, Air & Sky and their five attributes i.e. Taste, Form, Smell, Touch (sparsh) and Shabad (Sound)] ever fall prey to pride or take their responsibilities of doing anything? The answer to this question is also in negative. As per the theory of spontaneity, the five elements and their five gunas along with electricity, the instance of which is quoted above, function as usual without having any feeling of pride in their working.

All the elements and their gunas work as per their natural temperaments and do not give up their natural routine (Dharma) that is their characteristics. Why? Because they all are in a very detached form. Hatred, jealousy, temptation, illusion or ignorance never affects them all. Whereas our mind on the other side, works at gross level and is replete with impurities. That is the only reason that it does interfere in the automatic functioning of the nature. Our mind has longing for putting a stamp of our name on every activity we do. That is how the Sanskaras are created, whereas the nature works as without such motives

For this, as has already been mentioned, we need to understand, practise and realise the ever-lasting Truth at every moment. If we do not abide by the above fundamental rules and regulations, the unending effect of the cycle of our actions and reactions will not stop. Whatever we did to-day, its reaction, by way of its attachment, hatred or greed and pride, will last in our mind and on the second day, we will start from the same place where we had left it a day before. This will go on like that. If we wish to liberalise ourselves from this cycle, we will have to give up attachment and pride and leave the actions to nature.

When do we take water? We take water when our stomach feels dryness. When do we take food? We take food when the fire in our stomach demands. Our hunger is a sort of Agni. Thus, the food and water are requirements of fire and the dry stomach. It is absolutely wrong that food and water is taken by us. Are we ready to understand and realise this fact? We have never thought it that way.

The problem is that we think ourselves, what we are not. Out of ignorance we over-estimate ourselves. We presume it a reality, what we perceive and sometimes, the realities of the life are deliberately ignored considering them as unreal. That is the only reason of our bondage. We always take credit for the functions done by Nature. Thus, we also tell lies since morning till evening because the things done by Nature for us are forcefully claimed to have been done by us.

We poke our nose in the functions done by the nature. What is the punishment for such people who are caught while forcefully taking the possession of the objects of others? The answer is the criminal proceedings by the Court after the registration of the case by the police. Thus, we should be ready to face the punishment for the crime we are committing. In fact, our bogus claim that we are doing everything puts us in trouble. Can we hope for peace while doing such frauds?

The subtle atoms are doing it whatever activity is going on all around, automatically. The earth has in itself the natural instinct and that is why, we are able to sit on it. Similarly, the air has the natural instinct to provide us with the breathing and the sky has the virtue to give us the space. We cannot stand up and walk even one step if the sky does not provide us the required space.

What are we doing in it? Nothing, but even then due to our professed attitude of pride and ignorance since time immemorial, we are not used to the realities of life and are in bondage. This bond is not of one or of two births. It has been from thousands and lacs of Janamas. We have born billions time but still we are unable to understand the reality.

However, we do wish to come out of the bond. We have tried our best in the past also but could not find any way. We wasted our precious time in the wrong directions hoping for transitory pleasures from the artificial objects of the world. We never had any glimpse of our inner self before. As a matter of fact, all of us are looking for the Blissfulness (Akhand Ananda). But in lieu of this, we fall prey to the temporary false pleasure.

Swamiji says that there is no dearth of Blissfulness. It is always everywhere and is full too. There is no such place or the time when there was a change in that. The glimpse of pleasure, which we feel in the worldly objects, is also the smallest fraction of that very omnipresent Blissfulness. For achieving this, the stability of our mind is indispensable. Only the stable mind can reach the stage of Akhand Ananda.

Through concentration, we are to awaken Ananda, understand and realise the uniform, permanent and omnipresent Force behind it. We should follow the practice of this process in our day to day life. We should try to visualise the same force working behind the gross activities of our hands, eyes, ears etc and we should always keep this force in union with the Force of the mind and the Force of Akhand Ananda. There are neither two types of Ananda nor two Forces. What is outward, it is only the reinforcement of the Inner Self and nothing else.