An invisible movement is going on in all living and non living creatures. Nothing is beyond of an automatic action. We are always under change. No one can escape from this, even for a second. Nevertheless, we all are unaware of the change taking place in and around us. We are not cautious about it.

This automatic action does have the reaction too. However, our mind has no record of these natural actions and reactions. The mind is also not aware of the result of such actions. For instance, a feeling of answering a call of nature, we do not keep any bearing in mind and consider it a normal course of action. Thus, if all our actions are by way of natural and automatically created circumstances, our mind remains free and relax because there is no record in our mind.

However, when the actions are performed with a sense of pride or with a feeling of possessiveness, these actions do have right or wrong repercussions and the sanskaras are built accordingly. Whatever we may do; may it be physical or mental or through sense organs; we will have to face its results. We can prove our innocence before people or a court of law but we cannot escape in giving an account of ourselves to our own conscience. No matter, millions of years may pass; we will have to face the consequences. Contrary to this, good conduct without attachment carries positive impacts.

Even the enlightened Rishis and the Saints too have to clear the account of their past deeds. Such a category of saints always remain in a state of 'Aproksh Gyan'(Divine knowledge). It is due to this reason that, while squaring-up the entries of debit-credit of the sanskaras of the previous births, there is not even the slightest wavering in their mental concentration. Being surcharged with Aproksh Gyan, there is no screening or creation of any recorded sanskaras. At this stage, the Real-Self always remains cut-off from the body.

Q. Does the re-birth take place in that state too?

Ans. There is no question of rebirth in that state. That is a state of bliss and freedom. All types of bondage are finished forever.

Q. Swamiji, Can we achieve salvation?

Ans. He alone achieves salvation who is in bondage. The Real-Self is never under bondage. The salvation state of mind is within everyone. This state of mind can be enjoyed at all times and just now even. We are to understand and act upon this. Give up the feeling of confession that we are under some bond. We are at liberty, but we do not realize and understand it. The bond, if any, may be to our body, mind or to intellect but not to our Real-Self.

Contrary to this, those whose Real-Self is not awakened are always under bondage of illusion and attachment. This bondage of illusion and attachment is just like a 'Rakt Beej' (blood seed). According to an instance given in the Shiv Purana, a Rakshas had taken the authority from Lord Shiva that nobody would be able to kill him. However, in case it so happens, it will produce as many Rakshas as the number of drops of his blood will fall on the ground. If somehow or the other, he himself puts his hand on his own head then he himself alone will get killed. Thus, the mind and its expansion can be compared to the 'Rakt Beej' (blood seed) and the Rakshas.

What is an illusion? Briefly, it is just like a picture. Our admission, to an unreal scene of a movie as real, is an illusion. Once an illusion attracts us even for a fraction of a second, it takes the form of an attachment and the speed of cycle of this illusion is enormous to end. The unreal appears real. Why is it so? Why does the unreal look like real? It is so, because the reality is the basis of unreality. Do the illusion and attachment, which are our supposition, only appear to us without any foundation? No, they do have. We are to concentrate our attention there. By concentrating our attention at the very source of the energy -Eternal Force, we can become the observer of the whole show, which is pre-determined and being automatically enacted.

Otherwise, by nature too, we all wish to be free. Emancipation is our only objective. This is also our birth-right. Even a child does not like to keep himself in bondage and craves for freedom.

Here is a very important and interesting point. In our body, there is an invaluable hidden treasure. Do we want to discover and make good use of it? However, before we have it, we will have to purify the place with proper knowledge and technique. There are innumerable layers of dirty material lying around that place. Have we ever thought of sparing our five to ten minutes daily to realize the need for the cleaning of that place?

It is our prime duty to locate the place of the hidden treasure and clean it thoroughly. Cleaning means understanding, learning and practising the technique of differentiating between the body and the intellect. This is the way to become free from bondage and relax. Let us come to another wonderful point. Although this is very subtle, but we can understand it. What we see outside? How do we see? From where does it come so quickly?

The most important place in our body is our 'intellect'. It comes next to our mind. It has the controlling authority over the mind. The way of transmission between the two is of a very high order. The intellect resides in the smallest place of the body. It is astonishing to note that the whole universe resides in our intellect! It appears in it and dissolves in it. Let us find answers to the following questions:


1. What do we see outside?

Ans: - The general answer to this question is that we see our house, our friends, our fields, and our city and so on. It is not wrong, but spiritually speaking it is otherwise. With the grace of the Omnipresent, Eternal Force, we are provided with the energy of visualizing/watching the things within our intellect. So what do we see outside is the reflection of what is stored already there. We cannot see anything if the intellect does not transmit the same outside through mind.

2.How do we see?

Ans:- Our Intellect is an apparatus of such a high quality that no worldly machine has ever been invented which can match it. Because, all machinery is invented or made by the intellect itself. It has enormous divine-powers of which we have no know-how. It is with one of the divine-powers of the intellect with which we are able to see all things inside and outside.

3.Where from does it spring so quickly?

Ans: - The operation takes place at both the spots. Firstly, it strikes our intellect, which signals it to the mind and then the mind transmits the same to its subordinate instruments i.e. 'Indirias', within no time. Everything takes place simultaneously. This activity of spontaneity remains at work at both the levels, i.e. at the gross level as well as the subtle level. Every thing already exists in the 'intellect', wherefrom it appears so quickly. Our Real Self is transmitting its waves to the intellect and the mind and they do the entire operation spontaneously. There is no scope for anything else whatsoever.

4.Why do we want to be free?

Ans:- Our intention to finish all jobs and to be free is because of the fact that the Supreme Power or God, whatever we may call, is always sending vibrations to the intellect and the mind to be free and not to be a slave of illusions. However, we are not able to understand the meaning of these ever-flowing Godly currents. What we call an illusion, is nothing else but the intellect itself. The world already being in 'intellect' is flashed inside the 'intellect' first, and outside afterwards through the Knowledge which works in between.

This action of our Intellect is so quick and regular that we cannot understand it so easily. This process goes on inside of our 'intellect' so speedily without the use of the bodily eyes that the calculations about its structure and functions are beyond our reach. Our naked eye cannot estimate the strange and different type of world, which lies covered in the layers of the intellect. For understanding the worldly illusions, the purification of our intellect is the pre-requisite. However, Swamiji reveals that there exists a stage, where 'intellect' will also appear itself as an illusion.

Reaching that stage, about which Swamiji gives a brief reference, 'intellect' too hands over the reign of its alluring kingdom to the Real Self. It surrenders completely. It gives up its own identification. Even if it crops up in between temporarily, we will surely look at it as an illusion, and will automatically feel and realize it. Our ''intellect' will acquire the same state as it attains in the sound sleep where it loses itself completely. This is the same state of 'intellect' as it is in 'Samadhi'. In case we are able to achieve this very state of awakening, there is no delay in our liberation. It is a special state of consciousness, every creature is looking for. But we do not know that we all are endowed with it and it can be awakened, through spiritual evolution.