Awareness, regarding our Real-Self

We should realize that God is everywhere and pervades everything. God is limitless. He is within us, he is also present beyond our falsely presumed limitations as a cause and effect which are always together. But, we are unable to visualize the cause and are impressed by the effect. We, so often, forget the cause even if we are in a position to understand. For example, cold causes us to wear warm clothes. But after putting on the warm clothes, we forget the cause and remain satisfied with the comforts of warm clothing. But cold in general, is there. We do not care for it as we have worn sufficient clothes. But still cold becomes the cause of our action for wearing the warm clothes.

Similarly, because all pervasive God has created the whole universe, so He is the cause, His pervasiveness in all the material and non-material objects of the world is the effect. How can, thus, cause and effect be presumed within boundaries? As we do not feel cold after wearing warm cloths and forget the cold, in the same way, we do not remember God as a cause of everything and get involved in its effect that is, material world.

When the Creator of the Universe Himself is unlimited, His creation shall also have the same substance of limitless in it. The Universe has all the qualities, virtues etc., which are in the Creator. The cause exists in the effect and vice-versa.

Since the whole Universe is the creation of God, so God is definitely present in all creatures i.e. in all individuals and objects. Thus, the creation of God can in no way be different from Him. As the sand is the cause of forming a picher i.e. effect, so, can it be different than picher? No, it cannot be. But, we will agree that sand is present in the formation of a picher. We may or may not follow, but this is truth. Whether we understand the above fact or not, it has no effect either on Him or on His creation. This is universal truth. But, we have never tried to follow and to explore this hard fact. We have never turned to the subtle realities of our life and have not understood the motive of this precious birth as a human being.

Rishi Vasishatha has emphasised in Yogavashishth, all pervasiveness of God. He has declared that the World does not exist. It is the Creator who is manifesting Himself in different forms of people, creatures and trees, grass etc. It is only He who is omnipresent in the form of a force (Kriya Shakti).

Usually, our mind is not stable. It always goes on producing, nurturing and banishing numerous ideas. We may call it our presumptions (Kalpana). These presumptions create a different type of universe in our mind. For instance, since morning till evening countless ideas enter into our mind, stay for a while and evaporate. This is called a creation, sustenance and destruction. For example, an idea of taking tea comes into our mind, it is sustained and after taking tea, the idea is lost. This is what the three stages of creation, sustenance and destruction are. This happens with all activities of our mind. We are to understand this very process and know the basic natural mystery, working behind this.

It is our presumptions, which create the universe and make it complex. Otherwise, it is very simple. It is just by an illusion that a thing or an individual, with whom we come across seems to us as real. We are so much fascinated by the glamour of its outward sight that we become habitual of admitting its look as real.

Rishi Vashishat cites, in his support, the example of the waves and the water of the ocean. The waves presumably appear different when we look at the Ocean. But they are actually not different from the Ocean. We can say that the Ocean and the waves are one and the waves, as separate existence, are illusory. Similarly, God is like an Ocean and we are His waves. Can waves have an existence? Even if it is presumed to be so for a short while, can these have any existence apart from the Ocean? The answer will definitely be in the negative. It will, rather be that the waves are nothing, but, the Ocean itself. In the same way, we along with the whole Universe are nothing, but a force i.e. His Pervasiveness.

The whole universe is Kalpana (imaginary). It is like a dream. The waves of water, its bubbles, are not different from water. But in appearance, they do appear separate from water. It is the same water having two different forms of waves and bubbles. In the same way, the whole universe is a force, the Eternal, being its basis and the same is pervading in every form, all the times and everywhere.

The countless different forms and shapes are not other than that of their source. The objects, individuals, animals and plants do have the same similarities of nature of the specific place or the structure from where they grow. They have ecological similarities. As we all are grown up from the same Eternal power, so we all have that Eternal power of the All-Pervasive with us. All else is only our false presumption.

We can take some other instances how the Creator pierces through an object or an individual and how they take His characteristics at the time of creation. The semen of a human being, consisting of all features of a human being becomes the source of birth of a child. Similarly, the semen of an animal becomes the source of the creation of an animal. A seed of chilly when planted, grows into a chilly plant. The seed of wheat will grow as the wheat plant.

It will never be different from the original source where from the seed came into being.

Exactly in the same manner, our own bodies are not separate from the Creator, - a source of our existence. Other than this, all are our assumptions. And this all is an illusion or Maya. As a matter of fact, the illusion does not exist at all. We forget the Eternal force and fail to understand the trying situations. We must keep in mind that there is only one force working all around, but with the myriad shapes, having good as well as bad points, but still possessing the same Eternal force behind them all.

What is good or bad? Are our heads, mouths, eyes or hands, as we see them? We claim them as our own, due to ignorance. These parts along with others are not ours. Their existence appears to be due to a force behind them. It is all Force and nothing else. It is only He, who pervades everything. It is He, who is presumed by us as bad and it is He, who is supposed to be good. It is only our imagination or thinking which makes it so. Why does it happen so, is a subject matter of long discussion. Here we are concerned only with the One who is omnipresent. One is the same. May we name the One as Krishna, The Christ, Vishnu or Guru. One is One and that is all.

Q: How should we put a check upon our useless thoughts ? In case we believe that the universe does not exist in reality, whatever appears to us as a universe, is just out of ignorance, then what remains there?

Ans: The ultimate knowledge, which we should accept, understand and advocate is, that there is only one governing force and nothing else. Nothing is restricted to any boundaries. All other presumptions are man-made. All religious scriptures convey only one message as mentioned above. It is, that our mind needs purification. Mind should stop making presumptions. These are the result of ignorance. If our mind follows this important point, it would start realising the force in everything, which it either sees through physical eyes or through the inner eyes. Thus, we will certainly adopt a differentiating attitude towards everything. By and by, our experience of watching and understanding the force will gain more strength, which will provide us splendor and grace.

Swamiji says that during such period of ups and downs of the meditation stage, the mind does not remain in a state of equilibrium. This is because of the numerous 'Sanskaras' (predispositions) of previous births accumulated by it. With the positive or negative effect of these 'Sanskaras', as the case may be, the mind becomes infirm and restless again. In case of restlessness, it starts claiming doer-ship out of self-pride. It forgets the force again and again.

The mind cannot utter a single word by way of explanation about the Force. It is under limitation whereas the force is limitless. The base is provided by the Eternal force on which the mind is able to function. It gets the power from the Eternal force. All about mind, on which we have been wrongly relying since long is a big hoax. This was done due to ignorance in the past and still our mind is covered with the same illusion.

Pointing out and naming a disciple seated near Swamiji said that the man is of a tall body and of heavy weight, has good qualities, is of fair colour and has a particular name. By telling this, mind can understand the presumed name of the man, but, is the body, the tallness, the weight, the goodness, his fairness of colour or wickedness, his name ? This is a very important question to be thought over. The answer is absolutely 'no' and it is very crystal clear and there is no doubt about it. Thus, we are unable to prove that the particular person is really A, B or C. What is this then ?

This can not be proved as anything else than the Force only. In the same way, nothing else can be proved than the Force in the whole universe.

Q: How should we feel the Force ? What is its form ?

Ans: By contemplating on the way told to you, you will automatically understand and feel the Force. We are to see with full attention. For understanding properly, we need concentration in visualising what we want to understand. Can we understand anything without paying our proper attention? No.

Although, usually we see the world with our outer physical eyes and having been seen so, it cannot be considered to have been understood. We can understand the object only by watching it closely. The only resemblance of the Force is with knowledge. It has not any other form. Except knowledge, there can never be any other comparison of the Force. It, too, can have no form.

Q: What is the difference between the Force and the commotion which usually takes place in our mind ?

Ans: As a matter of fact, Force provides the current to the intellect to operate through mind, the senses and the body. The force remains the same and stable at different intervals of time. It is changeless. There are no ups and downs in Force. But the Intellect, on the other side, has no such everlasting stability. It always has on it, the control of the past as well as of the present 'births' 'Sanskars' which continue to make it weak and unstable. The result is that it is unable to hold the reign of the mind tightly.

At this stage, the mind is sure to be subordinate to attachment, pride, lust etc. In such a state of mind, we are unmindful of the Eternal Force which is as stable now, as it was earlier. We become panicky unnecessarily. Thus, the fault lies with our intellect which does not remember his Master the Eternal Force in times of her testing situations when Sanskars of past or present births appear before her with the account of afflictions. The intellect thus violates the natural order by forgetting and separating from the Force - its Master, that causes commotion.



Q: Swamiji, It looks to us that intellect is helpful in understanding the Force, then why do we become panicky ?

Ans: It assists in understanding, but the capability of understanding of the intellect does not reach fully to the Force. It is caught by the illusion in between somewhere. Panic is created by our illusion. Despite the fact, that there is nothing else except us, that is the Force, we remain in ignorance. Our intellect (Buddhi) does not free itself from the dark shadow of the doubt. This illusion falsely created by ignorance is befooling all of us. It is very strange that even being in a state of foolishness, we consider ourselves very intelligent. In such situations of ignorance and doubt we should stop imagination (kalpana) immediately and try to purify the intellect by remembering the Force which makes the intellect workable. Panic will be over by this process.

Q: How have we presumed the object as a reality ?

Ans: It is even more surprising that our intellect still relies upon the objects as real which otherwise are its own creations. It overestimates itself while in separation from its Master (Eternal Force). But it fails to understand that the wiser, wisdom and to be wise, all the three are different names of our presumptions. They emanate from the same Eternal Force. If the intellect is able to explore and understand this very fact, it will automatically find itself in the lap of Eternity.