Our habit of demonstrating artificiality towards others, at certain occasion, in our attitude, adversely affects the stability of our mind. The element of pretension in our behaviour puts to our mind in stress and strain. It becomes burden and moves downward under heaviness. When we are lured to parade before others what we are not, we pretend or conceal the truth. We pressurise our millions of tiny, delicate veins in our brain and body by making them tense. This tension, created in each and every cell of the body, appears as stress. Thus, stress is the outcome of the energy expended in vain to impress others.

On another hand, we may remain natural in our action and behaviour. Our feelings, attitudes and intentions may become identical both inwardly and outwardly. Our mind gets purified gradually and is enlightened. The important factor is that, if our state of mind is one both from inside and outside, it relieves bodily veins and cells from stress and strain. It makes our mind as light as a feather. As a result, it starts moving upward.

A light-weight mind is a symbol of happiness and charm and ensures peace and prosperity. When we are not under stress, and are free from worries, our behaviour with others becomes automatically pleasing and sociable. There is a saying in India: "when we laugh, the whole world laughs with us. When we are sad, nothing seems to be nice". A light mind enriches our personality, enlarges our vision for contemplating. It also enables us to take right and appropriate decisions in acquiring direct contact with the Eternal Force.

The superficiality and hollowness of our life should be eliminated to make room for reality. We understand that the causes of confusion, fear, mounting tensions of day-to-day life is instability of our mind. We should analyse daily how many times and for how long we are subjected to such unpleasant situations. When such negative impulses enter, our conscience sends signals to our mind to avoid artificiality, superficial actions and alerts us to be free from the bondage of ignorance. But on this indication, we fail to rise to the occasion. We should immediately understand that "practice maketh man perfect." This suggests that we should adopt the teachings of our Master practically. We should practise meditation on a regular and daily basis so that we may not be trapped in innumerable impurities. These may not be so easy, to get rid off, without meditation. The practice is the only way out.

To be in harmony with everyone we see, is a real practice of Eternal Force. This is the only essence of our life. To know the philosophy of the Eternal Force, we should not have double standards. The permanent effect of the practice of Eternal Force is a feeling of oneness in our thought and action.

It is wrong to presume that we are befooling others. We should never try to purposely impress others by preventing the natural ongoing process. We ought to watch the automatic system of incidents in prevailing circumstances. We should not have the least desire to attract the attention of others. We should always remain very alert so that we may not fall an easy prey to those kinds of unnatural showy impulses. We should never allow our mind to be separated from the Eternal Force even for the sake of a momentary and transitory pleasure. These may be worldly illusions and are creations of our own ignorance.

Leave aside worldly objects; let us take a simple example of our body. Broadly speaking, the body consists of numerous bones, blood, vessels and countless nerves etc. We can easily visualise that it is the force, which is activating all parts of our body. It is a hard fact that nothing exists except the force. Thus, body is only the other name given to the force. Therefore, it is proved that body is a veiled force. On the same lines, let us pay a little attention and think about the five elements to be found in all other animate and inanimate things of the world.

Thus, only one Force is working everywhere, in every object and individual. In the light of the above context, all these five elements are fundamental things out of which the whole Cosmos is made up. After contemplation and deep meditation, we come to the conclusion that our mind, body and the entire universe is nothing else but one Force. The Vedas and religious scriptures have proved thousand of years ago that this human body and the world, as a whole are nothing but a force. What appears to us is an illusion or a product of our own ignorance.

Stop for a while and think! Who does not know this fact? All of us know. But we should understand the meaning of the above Truth i.e., it is not true what we see. On the contrary, we firmly consider that our body and the whole world are real and do not remember the basic formula working behind it i.e. the Eternal Force. This is what, we perceive regarding our body and the world and we do not try even to prepare ourselves to have a slight change in our firm presumptions. It is our own conviction regarding our body and the world that has made us a slave to the body, and to the whole world of material objects.

As stated earlier, our body and all other objects in the world are combination of five elements i.e. Earth, Water, Fire, Sky and Air. Thus, it is our own folly by which we become their subordinate, whereas they are not at fault. These all are merely one Force and nothing else. Thus, these material objects and the world along with the body are real, provided these are perceived as Force. Our attitude for watching and understanding should simultaneously be at the level of Force and not at the level of different colour, cast, size, shapes, forms or the elements.

Now the question may arise, is it the same force at work in the five elements and in other material bodies of the world? Does the same Force exist in our human bodies too? The VEDAS and all other ancient scriptures have proved that the same force is functioning everywhere. There is no other force anywhere. It is astonishing that at one and the same time, the same force is at work in our bodies, in all material objects of the world, in animals and plants. Thus we should amend our perspective as to how to look at things. We should enlarge our vision of understanding and develop a feeling of Omnipresence of the Eternal Force, all the time and everywhere.

Q: Swamiji, Does God exist?

Ans. Actually, it is wrong to say that God exists. He is always there. You take water. Is water reality as water? No. It is a mixture of Nitrogen and Hydrogen. Water is visible to our eyes because of the combination of the two gases. Had it not been composed, our physical eyes could not have seen it.

Have we ever thought that, human body and all material objects are creation of combination? It means that these objects are components of other small bodies too. The outer visibility of the worldly objects is possible due to mixture of other subtle elements.

In the same way, The five elements are the composition of many other tiny atoms. All of them have their different functions to perform such as:

A) The property of the Sky is Sound.

B) Smell is a property of Air.

C) The property of giving various shapes and forms is of Fire.

D) Taste is a property of Water.

E) The property of Earth is hardness and softness i.e. touch.

Thus, all the above elements are structurally dual. Duality is, thus, a major hindrance in understanding the concept of omnipresence of the Eternal Force. Sufficient effort is needed to know, understand and establish the reality.

But there is no such requirement for proving God. God is formless. He is not dual. He is not made of anything. He is only one and all. He is always alone, but lives in all. His characteristic is unity in diversity. We can think over the profound magnificence of God. We can realise His omnipresence as Force by practising the same on regular basis. We can be very attentive and watchful about all our doings morning till we fall asleep.

The above noted five elements along with their five properties such as Roop (Formation), Ras (Taste), Shabad (Sound), Sparsh (Touch) and Gandh (Smell) exist in all living and non-living objects. No material or non-material body is without these elements and the properties mentioned above. Apart from this, there are thousands of more elements along with their properties, which the human being is yet to invent. More and more exploration is required in this regard.

In nutshell, what we should try to know, understand and practice is, that just as the machinery of our body is functioning automatically through the Force, all actions and incidents outside our body, too take place in a natural course of time, way and process. We should be very cautious and should not interfere in the process. Our unnatural intervention will show our hollowness. Our behaviour towards others will be unnatural and artificial.

The second point to bear in mind is that we should try to develop a habit of watching the basis of all human beings and things closely. We should pay our attention to their subtle structure rather than the gross one. We should practise to visualise the five elements and their five properties hidden behind all material and non-material objects. By following this principle of nature, we will surely feel relaxed.

With practice, we will find that the gross outer image of the objects 'we see, starts converting immediately and we become more alert and wiser to understand the Eternal Force. This process works automatically. Regular practice of this formula will purify and stabilise the mind. Our mind will start identification of the Eternal Force and the five elements with five properties through this unique method. Gradually, the gross form of objects and our intelligence will banish. No special efforts are needed for this.

Q: Swamiji, what is Upasna?

Ans. Upasna means to come closer to your Asana (seat). The word Upasna is made of Up + Asna. What is our seat? It is a place to sit comfortably. Upasna is Meditation. We should keep it up. Carry on the meditation in whatever way you like. It does not make any difference which particular word we are concentrating upon. We should go on. All different names belong to Him. . It is baseless to advocate or to draw a hard and fast line around one particular name. All names lead to the same destination.

Q: Swamiji, what is Ananya Meditation?

Ans. To stabilise your mind firmly at one pious and particular person, place, thing or Isht Dev, He may be Guru, an Angel or any specific form. It may be 'Sakar' or 'Nirakar'. The stage at which you become able to dissolve and diffuse your identity completely to That so-called Guru, is called the Ananaya Meditation. There is a complete surrender. The mind loses all its impulses, longings, attractions, distractions, attachments and hatred. At such a stage mind is completely absorbed in one alone.