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His Holiness Swami Shiv Swarup Atma Nadi Paar Kurali Wale
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Vasant Panchami
22 Jan

Maha Shivratri
13 Feb

2 March

Ram Navami
25 March
14 April

Akshya Tritiya
18 April

Puri Rath Yatra
14 July
Guru Purnima
27 July

Raksha Bandhan
26 Aug
Sri Krishan Janam Ashtami
2 Sept
Ganesh Chaturthi
13 Sept
Navratri Begins
10 Oct
Durga Pooja
17 Oct
19 Oct
Karva Chauth
27 Oct
Ahoi Ashtami
31 Oct
5 Nov

7 Nov

Bhai Dooj
9 Nov

Ishwar does not need a site for His own self. He is "Swayambhu". Swamiji never expressed that a site should be built for Him or asked for any need of public attention. He is Brahmleen (Vyaktigat se Vyapak / Smashtigat) without any worldly endorsement or support.

During past, common people with an urge to know about Ishwar and related issues, prayed His Kind self to enlighten these issues.

As such the nescient find the divine facets to be too complex and intricate to understand. Many wrong and misguiding beliefs also prevail due to ignorance.

But His Holiness Swamiji knew and practiced all the aspects of "Tatva Gyan" (deep abstract theological knowledge, Meta-Physics). He explained them to the curious ones in a subtle manner by overcoming all complexities and intricacies.

The advocacy and philosophy of His Holiness Swamiji is practical and thus authoritative. It encovers everything from beginning to end in absolute sense. That is, it, in entirety explains all aspects of Ishwar to the profundity of the subject of Meta Physics (Tatva Gyan), ruling out any misconceptions, with finest approach. It is self-sufficient to resolve any spiritual and worldly issues.

Whosoever sought was blessed with this rare and precious knowledge, thus transforming his life towards spritual elevation and worthiness.

As per His Holiness Swamiji "Everything in this universe is where it should be at a specific time".

Thus by grace of Almighty, knowledge imparted by His Holiness Swamiji will be attained by only those for whom it is destined. It is by virtue of the Universal Truth that, "Every Change in entire universe is always towards Betterment and elevation by God's wish".

The knowledge revealed by His Holiness Swamiji to different people on different occasions, can be made available to all humanity, with sole intention of their betterment. And the blessed shall reap the benefit. It can in no way be imposed upon anyone.

Website is also a very very humble way to present the Knowledge and Vision of His Holiness Swamiji "AS IT IS" without any concoction, modification or third party endorsement. Website in no way deviates from this primary and sole objective.

It is not biased towards any religion/sect and aims towards Spritual elevation of entire humanity. In fact it aims at maintaining the highest echelons of beliefs, human values, practices and conscentious devotion by all reasons.

His Holiness Swami Shiv Swarup Atma Nadi Paar Kurali Wale